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Dear Sir,

We want a database which has to handle incoming data from 300 devices at the same time.Any number of web clients can query the DB .(Say approx 300 clients)

A single device should be able to support 1.2 million records per hour and 10000 records per 30 secs.

1.Whether it is feasible to have 300 databases (each per device) (or)

2.Storing more than one device data in same database but having seperate table for each device. (or)

3.Storing more than one device data in same database using single table differentiate by deviceid.

Can you let me know what will be the optimal server capacity to handle such a database

Pl. Reply based on follwing factors 1.Resources required 2.performance 3.Reliability



-- Anonymous, October 29, 2001



I regret that such questions (on server sizing) cannot be effectively answered in a forum.

I suggest that you hire a consultant, meet face to face, show your database design and queries, and draw systems diagrams. Then let him or her do some experimenting before giving an answer.

In short, this question requires more communication and time than can be provided in a forum.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, October 30, 2001

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