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I recently developed some Konica 750 IR film for the first time in a year or so and the base density looked a bit high. I measured around 0.9, whereas the base density on a roll of Agfa APX 25 developed on the same day measured around 0.35. I used the same developer for each (HC-110 B).

Does anyone know if the base+fog density of Konica 750 (35mm) is normally high, or if this looks like slightly fogged film? I could scan and print the negatives OK and the results looked quite good, but obviously I'm losing some dynamic range since I'm throwing away the bits corresponding to densities of 0.9 and lower.

-- Bob Atkins (, October 29, 2001


Have you subtracted the filmbase + fog from these numbers?

-- Ann C lancy (, October 30, 2001.

These numbers ARE filmbase+fog!

0.9 seems way high to me, suggesting the film is fogged, I'm just wondering if Konica 750 normally has an unusually high filmbase density. I know Kodak HIE has an unusually LOW film base density but I don't recall Konica 750 being out of the ordinary (and as I said I can't currently locate the Konica 750 I processed last year!).

-- Bob Atkins (, October 30, 2001.

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