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Thanks for a very useful site. Can't access it as often as I would like to as I am using a friend's computer so time is not on my side but I would like to know answers to following questions.

(By the way I have been contacted by Counselling Itermidary Service)

How many valuations do they hve to have obtained? I thought they needed two independent ones but this is just my own gut feeling.

What is the point of saying that a lender should get a money order within one year if they clearly don't hve to? If they don't hve to then why should they?

I hven't seen my Mortgage deed yet but should they still hve the orginal document? Why should I make sure tht I see the Mortgage deed? Don't get me wrong; I'm aksing for it, but wnt to know what I'm looking for when I get it.


Joe Bloggs

-- Joe Bloggs (, October 29, 2001


It's not just about seeing the mortgage deed; it's the terms and conditions that went with it, the marekting material that went with it and any other documentation that may shine a light on what you might have expected from this financial instrument when you bought it.


-- Lee (, October 30, 2001.

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