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Having some trouble with running a TBS using a replacement DSP board from dover. The setup runs fine at the top but won't see all 10 notches on the vane at the bottom. Error says check alignment or sensors- both are OK. NTSD is fine,ETSD is the troublemaker. This is a triplex VVVF about 4 years old. Also the old Tandy laptop I use won't talk directly to the new CPU, I have to use another laptop with the hyperterminal program. Baud rate for all cars is 1200. This all began with a shorted DSP that took out a power supply. Is there something about the new CPU and DSP I need to know?

-- cliff smith (cliff77@att.net), October 28, 2001


Make sure your not hitting the down dir. limit at the bottom. Also reduce the speed of the elevator and try again. Conect your laptop, cycle the cpu, and when it ask for the password, enter DOVERTOWER and then try the TBS again. I'll check to see if there is anything else you can try.

-- Bill B (321web@home.com), October 31, 2001.

just an idea .... do you have the ascb card (speed control bord ) ? ...it s located in the otis cabinet if the speed is 3m /sec or more .... not in the drive .a special channel from the encoder arrive on this card . it allow the control of the speed . the speed s got to be 80 % at a certain distance from the last floor.. if not ...ets relay will not bypass the stopping system....(ets relay is controlled by the ASCB) and this is the emergency terminal slowdown... the car stopps because of the stopping system ... it s normally bypassed with ets relays . etsd fault is due to an overspeed at a certain distance from the top and bot ....that s all i know .... i don t know a lot about the LMCSS

-- charles (trollboys@aol.com), December 14, 2001.

sorry cliff ...i was referring to an Otis Mcs 413 ...it s different from 411 .... i did install a group of 2 last summer near Paris France ...and i did get problem with the Etsd ... the Ascb s got to be adjust .... there s two switches ..... Etsd s got to be enable in the Lmcss be careful even if etsd is disabled in the lmcss ...the ascb card is working ....the swiches s got to be corectly setted .... i realised that because after processing the learning that allow the drive to run the high speed the drived stopped ....making a big bang ...that mean a real emergency stop .. bang was because of energy in the contactor ( this is a dc drive ) ....the stop was due to the fact that elevator did get a speed superior to the speed programmed on the ascb .

-- charles (trollboys@aol.com), December 15, 2001.

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