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The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad steam locomotive #1605 was built by Baldwin in 1922 new for the ACL. It was a 4-6-2 type and worked out of Lakeland, Florida. It derailed and flipped over on the Sand Gully phosphate line but did return to service. The same engine rear ended ACL local #275 in Lake Alfred and tipped over again. It was returned to service. The same ACL #1605 was involved in the September 23, 1948 accident in Mango. It was the first #1600 series to be retired in February 1949. Does anyone know any details about this "Ghost" engine that just kept coming back?

-- Dick Kearns (, October 28, 2001


First, I do not know about the 1605. I do know that it is not unusual for a locomotive to be involved in multiple accidents and be returned to service each time. ACL E-3 501, preserved at the Spencer, NC, museum, is one of these locomotives. It was involved in numerous incidents and was returned to service each time.

Locomotives, being fairly well constructed, are difficult to destroy although it can be done. Also since they represent a considerable cash outlay, most companies are eager to salvage and repair a locomotive if at all possible. (Many times the number would be changed if the accident was a fatal one.)

Southern 1401 was involved in several accidents, as was Southern 1456. Also, at least one of the Georgia Railroad's Pacifics was involved in multiple accidents and stayed on the roster until 1953 or 54. So its not a unique situation for a locomotive to be involved in several accidents and "just keep coming back", especially if the engine had a long career.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, October 30, 2001.

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