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I have wrote to Eversheds/AN requesting the recommended documents as advised on this page.

Out of the seven documents I asked for, I received a remarkable ONE and I am not even sure that this is up to date. The mtg T&C they have supplied are dated 1983. I took out my mtg in 96. Does anyone know if these T&C would have been changes in the 13 years prior to me taking out my mtg?

They have also advised me that their client is not relying on the mortgage deed to substantiate my claim. I thought this was quite comical. I have wrote back reiterating my request for the deed even though they have told me that if I need it to 'try the land registery'. I have asked them what they are basing their claim on if not the Contract!

They advised that they did not get a MJO. Should they have?

They basically told me that the MIG I paid for is none of my business and have put in their letter that ‘the MIG is solely for the benefit of our client’. Any comments?

I have made another polite request for all documents but would appreciate any comments on the above.


-- Bev (, October 28, 2001


Hi Bev,

There have been AT LEAST 3 further revised editions of their standard mortgage terms & conditions since 1983 through to 1996 ('cos I got 'em tucked away in my not so little Abbey folder).

I should ask them to explain why they think the T&C they have supplied are of relevence to your 1996 mortgage, as you are able to obtain evidence to the contrary (I'll send you copies if required to back up this claim, although make them do some work first by insisting they supply you with the relevent edition).

As for their other fairly standard (we can't be bothered to do any work)excuses, Go to the page on the site entitled "learn how lenders resist proving shortfall debt-and how to respond" in the do's and don'ts section. There you'll find some excellent responses to put in your letters.

Good luck


-- (, October 28, 2001.

You need to read the Repossession section, the do's and don'ts section and specifically the page at: to see how to respond to what they have said.


-- Lee (, October 30, 2001.

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