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This came in my e-mail today. Thought others may be interested. I am sending this email to all Eggbay users.

The shipping bill will be voted on this coming week. The bill is in jeopardy. For more information about it, and what needs to be done please go to . It is crucial that we all make these phone calls in order to restore and maintain our shipping privileges.


-- Dave Smith (, October 27, 2001


Wonder what happens when a chick is irradiated by the postal service?

-- Joe (, October 28, 2001.

Anyone know what happened with this issue? Looks like the hatcheries are still able to ship chicks--was the bill defeated? Jan

-- Jan in CO (, January 10, 2002.

I would have to say that since I just got my Murray MacMurray catalog that yes they are still shipping. I believe I read in another post that yes they are.

-- george (, January 10, 2002.

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