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oi~~ its boring in NC... im from Cali and im just absolutely dying.... someone help this azn girlie out please!!!!!!!!!!!! so far... ive had bad experiences with NC/SC ravers here! bad attitudes and they are just wannabes!! ( the other night i was chillin at Wafflehouse & theres this girl... "do you have a prob with my UFO's?! look, i like to dress raver and i know i look like a raver. just because i dress it dont mean i go to raves and do drugs and dance around with glowsticks!!....") Charlotte needs some raves or clubs or parties or whatever for 15 and up ages kuz i feel for the young ppl here & the 5 0's fucking suck my clit!! well.... if anyone reads this and knwo of a goOD rave/party anywhere.... feeel free to email me or IM me ( ATARiSdrummerHOE )!!!

Alwayz.... Jadie C.~

Cheerios.... (((( oi ))))

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2001


i feel ya gurl. dont worry jadie. youll get used to charlotte, NC and SC as well. the raves arent so bad. i knwo california has it all but give us a chance. maybe youll like the rave scene more and more here. gosh! im such a sap!! you go to South meck HS right? (just a lucky guess.) PeAcE GurL!~


-- Anonymous, October 27, 2001

jadie i know what your saying im from nc and live in sc but i started raving in n.y. people look at you around here and there like whats a kandi kid but the ravers you do find arent ravers there usually pretty dick. but hey theres some hope im still looking. drop me an e- mail i might be going to a party dec. 7 in raleigh

heres a pic of mehttp://raversonly.com/pictures/_on24/027.asp thats me blonde hair grey drunken monkey visor

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2002

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