Over priced moblie home going back to lender

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Yes,I have 1995 liberty moblie home 14x56.It is probably worth 15000.00. I owe 37,500. It's in a park.The landlord will not let me rent it out. I did bankruptcy back in 1998.I want to give it bank to the lender. But I don't want to pay the deficiency of what ever the lender wants. Please help me with any suggestions.

-- James Larrowe (kendra515@yahoo.com), October 27, 2001


From your story you sound as though you are in the States, this website deals with UK repossession issues and as such we won't know the law for US repo's. Its unlikely that you would be able to get away with not paying a shortfall if you handed it back to the lender. Perhaps though you might want to get in touch with your lender about maybe them intervening and persuading your landlord to let you rent it out. They may be willing to assist if its in their interests too.

Sorry, can't help any further.

-- pendle (pendle_666@yahoo.co.uk), November 02, 2001.

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