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I am using A.C spot welding machine to weld 0.5mm brass terminal with 1mm flexible copper wire.Get lot of sparking ,loose joints and burning can this problem be solved with converting A.C supply into D.C supply

-- Davinder singh (, October 27, 2001


Response to spot welding


First of all while welding good conducting materials your require to have a short duration pulse of current which is possible in a Capacitor Discharge welder or a D.C. welder. You would also require a weld head which can provide smooth and fast followthrough action as the weld is taking place. Both these together would avoid spatter ,loose joints and over burning of your components.

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Subhash Patwardhan

-- Subhash Patwardhan (, November 21, 2001.

Response to spot welding

We have succesfully welded those materials using a standard A.C. spot welder adding a spring loaded tungsten electrode having small cross section,Low electrode force, high amp power and short heat time. For better appereance you should use a copper-tungsten alloy electrode on the brass. The spring helps to obtain the fast follow.

-- Jose Campos (, December 18, 2001.

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