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Is there a commercial package of the PMK formula available so I dont have to mix chemicals?

-- Alain Bessette (, October 26, 2001


Photographer's Formulary sells 2 kits: one you mix from dry powders, and the other comes as stock solutions, but costs a bit more.

-- Charlie Strack (, October 26, 2001.

Alain, You don't say what part of the world you are in! From your name I assume that France or Quebec would be good guesses. In the former case, try Lotus View Camera in Austria ( They sell pre-mixed PMK. I have ordered by e-mail often and can recommend them without reservation. Maja Landis, who directs the office, speaks perfect English (if your German isn't up to par). For what its worth, I use PMK in both Europe and the US, from Lotus and Photographers' Formulary respectively,and have found the formulations to be practically identical in activity and results despite differences in color of the "A" solution after aging. Hope this helps, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (, October 27, 2001.

I recommend the liquid form. This developer is very toxic. In powder form you can get chemical dust into the air. In liquid form this won't happen.

-- Don Karon (, October 28, 2001.

Artcraft Chemicals is another good source. They have a web site now. If you buy the powder kit you don't have to pay someone to ship water to you. You can use a dust mask and be perfectly safe.

-- David Vickery (, October 30, 2001.

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