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US air force continuing raids on Afghanistan - summary.

26/10 Tass 141 ABU DHABI, October 26 (Itar-Tass) - U.S. planes raided Kabul last night. At least six powerful explosions shook the central districts of the city and its western suburbs, the Qatar Al-Jazeera TV station reports.

Missile and bomb strikes were dealt on Thursday evening on the airport and the Talib positions in the area of the Baghram air force base, north of the capital. The Talib anti-aircraft defence forces opened heavy fire on the raiders although the American planes were beyond the reach of Talib guns. There are no reports on casualties or destructions. The Talib "Voice of Shariat" broadcasting station fell silent after a missile hit its antenna.

The American air force has launched its first raid on Talib positions in the eastern provinces of Host and Paktia. A blow was dealt on one of the mountain tunnels, which the Talibs are using as an armaments depot. One hundred and eighty Talib fighters have surrendered to General Abdul Rashid Dostum`s troops, advancing towardsMazar-i-Sharif. This happened when eminent Talib field commander Mullah Yusuf was killed during a U.S. air raid.

Positional warfare is continuing on the north-eastern front. Both the Talibs and troops of the Northern Alliance are fortifying their positions there in preparation for a decisive battle for the city of Talukan. Commanding officers of the Alliance note that the most important sectors of the frontin that area are defended by Arab detachments, loyal to international terrorist Osama bin Laden, and by the Pakistanis that are fighting on the side of the Talibs.

After smashing the principal Talib military facilities, the United States is now concentrating its blows on Talib positions along the front with the Northern Alliance. "Chairman of the U.S. Chiefs of Staff Committee General Richard Myers has stated that the American air force was trying in this way to "weaken" the stubborn resistance of the enemy. He stated that targets, determined in advance, were bombed last night in nine districts of Afghanistan, as well as concentrations of troops and armour spotted in the course of the air raids.

Addressing journalists in the Pentagon, General Myers said that besides multipurpose F-14 and F/A-18 deck aircraft, strategic B-1 and B-52 bombers were also being used as before. Moreover, Talib positions are being attacked by AS-130 planes, armed with rapid-firing artillery guns and large-calibre machine-guns. The general showed some films shot by American pilots, recording blows on a facility for servicing and repairing military hardware in the area of Kabul and on a tank unit, camouflaged in mountain valleys near Herat.

General Myers also said that the armed forces of the United States were continuing their propaganda warfare in Afghanistan. Broadcasts were transmitted last night from the "Commando Solo" plane and leaflets were dropped in the northern and north-western provinces, urging the Talibs to give up their resistance. At the same time, C-17 military-transport planes dropped about 35,000 dry army rations on Afghan territory, intended for the ordinary Afghans, who are suffering from food shortages.

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-- Swissrose (, October 26, 2001


The Kurds are going to sack Saddam, the Iragi army is defecting by the thousands, and we will establish a democracy in Kuwait. More Bushwacker lies.

-- David Williams (, October 26, 2001.

David Williams, I truly believe that is not your real name.

Remember Americans - Osama's friends read also put replies on this bulletin board and try to think speaking against the President Bush is OK…do not be taken in on it.

-- Rick V (, October 26, 2001.

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