WANTED: Galvanized chicken feeders

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I need several galvanized wall mount chicken feeders. They hold about 25 lbs of feed each. Would like to buy at a reasonable price. Picture can be seen at:


-- Susan K. Lyons (slyons@pbtcomm.net), October 25, 2001


Ive got smallers ones like that,, nothing that will hold 25 pounds,, never even seen them that large

-- stan (sopal@net-port.com), October 25, 2001.

I saw those in a pro outfit, lusted mightily, only found ones w/ massive price + shipping![brand name ?'store & feed'??] So I & a friend made a pair out of 1/2 plywood. fill them once, let gravity take care of the rest i say!

-- bj pepper in C. MS. (pepper.pepper@excite.com), October 26, 2001.

sorry can't even find a referance to them in my files, but go to www.google.com and enter 'galvanized hanging poultry feeder', there was three + manufactures listed w/ 800 #'s and free catalogues! ->pepper

-- bj pepper in C. MS. (pepper.pepper@excite.com), October 27, 2001.

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