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While I know that all RS3s, GP7s, GP9s, SD7s, SD9s, and F-Units are considered "obsolete" and are off of almost ALL Class I mainline roads, I noticed a photo on one of the Southern Railroad Historical Websites of what appears to be either an SD35 or SD40 in Southern Tuxedo Paint, lettered for Central Of Georgia. I'm curious as to whether or not this unit is still on the NS Active Roster in either mainline, local, or maintenance of way service, and if so, where it is operating on the system today?

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-- Jonathan Vanover (, October 25, 2001


You may know this already, but one way to distinguish an GP/SD35 from a GP/SD40 is to look at the radiator fans on top near one end. The 35 as built has large-small-large and the 40 has large-large-large.

I'm doing this from recollection...

There may have been SD40s lettered SOU and sublettered CofG, but I don't recall that there were any SD40s lettered CofG.

The CofG SD35s at first were lettered CofG but later lettered SOU and sublettered CofG. SOU proper had SD35s in a separate number series. As far as I know, all SD35s have been gone from NS for a while. Some probably survive in service elsewhere.

-- Chuck Till (, October 27, 2001.

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