I was made bankrupt in 1998 and discharged in 2001. I fought to keep my home but on realising that the equity had improved so much that the Official Receiver would be interested, my wife and I decided that we shpold allow the building society to repossess. We had tried to sell it ourselves and had recived an offer which fell through. The Britannia BS sold the property. There was an excess due and eventually I managed to get a staement from them of how the sale proceeds were dispersed. The legal costs for their failed attempts to evict me plus 2 valuation fees plus plus plus other "costs" made a considerable dent in the proceeds half of which are due to my wife and half to the Official Receiver. In addition there has been a 5 month delay in their paying out. I think they have "robbed" me. I have complained to the Ombudsman this is pending. This is a brief scenario of the full story. Has anyone come across this before? Is it worth fighting for? Can anyone help? End of my tether but I do not intend to give in easily.

-- Gordon Macdonald (, October 25, 2001

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