A thank you to Melissa

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I would just like to openly thank Melissa for putting the effort into starting this forum. *Other* forums (which shall remain nameless) have gotten a bit too nasty lately.

So, I thank you for creating a place where we can each take a minute from our day (or several minutes in some cases!) and connect with each other without flaring tempers. It's nice to connect with people who have so much in common without being concerned about being flamed.

I just wanted you to know that your efforts are appreciated.

-- Tracy (trimmer31@hotmail.com), October 25, 2001


Yes, I appreciate you too Melissa. This is one forum where you can feel free to voice your opinion (and hear differing ones) but not be attacked for yours. Keep up the good work.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), October 25, 2001.

I also thank all of you. It is really your efforts that keep this a great place. I know how easy it is for a snappy come-back, mean natured answers and sarcasm to creep in. Only by diligent effort on all our parts can we keep this a great, wholesome site.

I know that I have upset some which I am truly sorry for, but I hope that all can be forgiven as we forge ahead with our wonderful family forum. Again I thank all of you!

-- Melissa (me@home.net), October 25, 2001.

I whole heartedly agree! Thank you for inviting me in and introducing to some great people!This is forum that I feel at home at and do not feel a need to "be someone I'm not". Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!I know you'll get a star in your crown!!!God Bless

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (mbfrye@totelcsi.net), October 25, 2001.

Yep. This forum is totally non-suckacious.

Thanks, Melissa!

-- Cheryl in KS (cherylmccoy@rocketmail.com), October 25, 2001.

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