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I need to water some steers over the winter. I have two locations to keep them. The preferable location does not have running water. I am intersted in tank de-icers or other methods of keeping the tank from freezing - solar, keep water moving??, ??? What is the most cost effective way(if any) of doing this? Thanks, Paul

-- Paul (, October 23, 2001


Energy becomes the issue. How much of it can you afford or generate to keep the water unfrozen. Where you live will determine how hard that will be. light freeze on the top or deep freeze down into your tank.

How long between tank usages? How big a tank, how cold in your area?

You can keep water unfrozen by heating the water. This can be expensive for large tanks and not really geared to solar.

Keep the water moving with a continous flow of water, water wheels, tank stiring devices or using air bubbles. Bubbles and or water pumps can be used offer the best solar/wind power solution.

-- Gary (, October 23, 2001.

How about putting the water tank in the ground, and then covering (with an insulated top) all but a small amount for their head to reach in?


-- jumpoff joe (, October 23, 2001.

or make some type of greenhouse over the tank with a way to let them put their heads in, if it heats up enough during the day, it will keep overnight

-- stan (, October 23, 2001.

Paul, if you live in a very cold area I wouldn't use tank deicers or the like. The best way to water stock in the deep cold is to water them once a day with all they want to drink, and then leave no excess. This takes care of frozen water tanks and tanks gradually icing up with excess water they don't drink. Older animals don't have to have water in front of them all the time in the real cold weather.

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, October 23, 2001.

Hey! How bout this?!! I build an inclosed box thingy, put in an aluminum brooding/kid lamp deal with a 25-75W bulb in it and put one of my half barrels that I use for water on top... It's not too much water and that bulb ought to give off enough heat.

-is bin jr. really gone now? (the punk)

-- Paul (, October 29, 2001.

We have had the same problems over the years! Last winter was the first we used a lp gas tank heater. It has worked wonderfully, but I purchased it at an auction! Have recently found new at a store in Indiana but pricey! Also have seen the old cast iron heaters at auctions that you heat with whatever(wood,coal,paper!!} We also have our downspouts off the barn running into our tank to help keep them full.{Barn roof metal-I would question asphalt from a health stand point} A homemade variety would work, made like the antique ones. Shaped like a cylinder with a lid where the fire is built, but a small exhaust chimney would have to be welded to it. The entire piece goes in the tank. I'm sure theres more countrysiders out there who've seen them. Hopes this gives some ideas!

-- Suzanne (, October 29, 2001.

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