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Circumstances have prevented me from seeing "Waking Life" as of yet, but it's something I've looked forward to for months. Peter, I'm sure you meant well, but your comments here hit like a punch in the gut.

One reason why I got so excited about it was the philosophical-minded dialogue; I'm starving for the return of intelligent discourse to film. In addition, the rotoscoped animation looked great, complementing the guerilla-style video footage perfectly. Either one would have done it for me; either a film of nonstop banter, or a showcase for new animation techniques. But what most appeals to me is the way, from everything I've seen of it, that the two gel together: the animation actually follows the dialogue! The humor is excellent as well (sometimes I wonder if you don't like non-serious films?).

Waking Life appeals to me because I think verbally (and sometimes aurally) rather than visually, and visual descriptions are not my strong suit. I'll watch a purely visual film (silent films are great), but my favorites are all dominated by dialogue... as well, the "penny-university", Austin coffeehouse setting appeals to my sensibilities, for reasons listed above. Does that make me wrong, according to your theories of visual narrative?

OK, so I've seen a total of 5 minutes... but if any animation was tailor-made for me, this has gotta be it. I identify strongly with these themes and this style of presentation.

Alright, I won't pester you with any more posts for a while (I'm seeing the whole thing tomorrow, anyway)... just had to get this off my chest before viewing. Respond at your convenience.

-- Inukko (, October 23, 2001


Having seen it, I'll admit that it's not for everybody... speaking objectively, though, the film is flawless. It does what it set out to do perfectly - no moment rings false, no scene feels gratuitous. Subjectively, I'm blown away - and from the mixed reviews (which I *really* wish I hadn't read) I had my doubts about it. Sorry if I lost my cool, everyone... I do think that anyone who is willing to accept this film for what it is, will enjoy it ^_~

-- Inukko (, October 27, 2001.

Well it just came out here yesterday so I went and saw it. Really liked it myself. Got a little disconcerted when more than a few people around me began ommiting moans of nausea. Managed at one point to feel a little ooer'sh also, as one may when taking in so much epic movement(visual assault o_0). But good good good all the same, happy to discuss it with anyone. opening...(oh, I have to rush off to dinner now).. well, I liked the musical interludes, classy and allowed time for general thoughts, reflection etc...

-- Sam (, July 23, 2002.

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