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does gere have shit for brains? where does he get the gall to lecture the surviving families of september 11 to "exercise compassion and understanding"?!

gere ought to go preach his psychobabble to binladin and see how convincing he can be.

he plays great roles in the movies, but that's all it is isn't it? just make believe....i used to enjoy his work, but now i believe he has shit for brains.

-- Mike Hill (, October 23, 2001


Amen Mike. I say lets stap a bomb to his ass and drop him on the Taliban. Then tell his fans and family they just need to understand me!

-- Laura (, October 23, 2001.

We all have love and compassion for the Afghans, at least most of us do care for the poor people caught in this war, but Mr.Gere did make a grave mistake by speaking up at this time. His scenerio would work in a "perfect" world, but we're not living in a perfect world, we're living with a madman who wishes to kill all Americans.

Many of us know that Richard Gere's statement came from a good place in his heart, but it's not appropriate now. We are dealing with someone as frightful as Hitler, and he must be taken care of before he overtakes our country.

Just not the time, Richard, for this. Your policy will not work in our world.

God bless America.


-- Tammy Loves America (, October 23, 2001.

Why do those who passionately detest Richard Gere, bother to post, on public Richard Gere Fan -Message Boards? It is alright to disagree with him and dislike him. It is not alright to publicy verbally attack someone, who does not have the opportunity to speak back. Any kind of behind the back attacks, shows what types of low characteristics those people own.

-- cappuccino (, February 25, 2002.

I was watching David Letterman on May30th and Gere was on. He was the rudest guest I have ever seen. He acted like a spoiled arrogant celeb. I have lost all respect for him. David Letterman did not deserve to be treated so badly. I cannot see where this man shows respect for other people at all. He did not care what the audience thought either. I was pretty upset when it was all over. What a brat!!! What a bad actor!!! What a insensitive human being!!!

-- Diane Ross Atwood (, June 01, 2002.

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