What animals do you have?

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We have two rabbits (does) named Cottontail and Flopsy. We have 17 chickens--5 roosters, 2 are named: Domino and Benny (the other 3 were supposed to be butchered, but we ran out of daylight that day); 12 pullets: Henny, Mrs. Domino, PeeWee, and 9 others that don't have names yet. And we have 2 kittens named Fur and Fuzz, which were surprisingly named by Tom rather than by the children.

Eventually, we hope to get more animals, possibly a goat next spring. What animals do you all have?

-- Cathy N. (keeper8@attcanada.ca), October 22, 2001


We have a 4yr old gelding named Sonny. He is a registered Quarter Horse so his name is much longer, but Sonny is easier to remember!! We also have 11 momma cows, a bull and 5 calves right now. The bull is registered black angus, the mommas and calves are commercial. We also have a registered Hereford heifer named Missy(short for her real name too) that is off the farm right now being bred. This is attempt #2 and we sure hope it takes so she can come home soon. We have way too many cats. Something ate all our chicks, so I am looking around for someone who will sell a layer until Spring when I will start again with chicks. I would like a goat or dairy cow too, seems like with 3 boys we really go through the milk and cheese!

-- Ivy in NW AR (balch84@cox-internet.com), October 22, 2001.

I have 6 rabbits (Sam, Frisco, Sunshine, Snowflake, Muncher, Akima), 5 pigs (including Shovelnose the Sow), about 200 chickens (including Rocky, Elvis, Sassy, Ruby, and Picadilly), 10 turkeys (not named), 20 ducks (including Big Daddy and Bubbles), 9 guineas (not named), 10 barn cats (Tom, Harry, Jumper, Climber, Romeo, Polkadot, Tinkerbell, Tang, Skunky and Goatee), 2 inside cats (Nala and Shadow), 1 dog (Kringle), and a big hairy hubby (Phil)! :-) We would like to get either a milk cow or possibly goats (never had goats before, so we're not sure) in the near future.

-- Cheryl in KS (cherylmccoy@rocketmail.com), October 22, 2001.

Hmmm...where do I start? In the house - a Goffin Cockatoo named Willow, a moustache parakeet named Opal, a peachfaced lovebird named Oliver, a bearded dragon named Sandy, an Elkhound named Nikki and a Shihtzu named Suzi. Outside we have three rabbits (Sugar, Ceasar and Thumper), Cats - Lacey, Macy, Fink, Ugly Pumpkin Pie, & Snuggles. We have about 30 chickens, a golden pheasant and a pair of peacocks. We also have two horses, Bailey and Butternut. I think that's enough!

-- Lisa in WI (lehman16NOSPAM@vbe.com), October 22, 2001.

We have 4 rabbits(2does)we did have 20 until we moved.We have 4 geese (3female),5cats,1 dog, 32 chickens and 2 rosters. I hope to get 2 hogs in the spring and we have a calf coming.My son is saving for a horse and I really want some milk goats.Old McDonald had a farm......

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (mbfrye@totelcsi.net), October 22, 2001.

My Husband and I have one cow and calf. The bull is visiting now, so darling calf next year. I just love cattle and our neighbor helps us with our cattle when he works his. We have one mixed Chow/Sheperd dog 16 years old. She is still getting around,only slower now. We got a new puppy in July,prayed and ask is this the puppy for us. the Lord said yes. Boy did she keep be busy. She is Sheperd and something. She doesn't remind us of any dog we have ever seen. She is cute and smart. Usually only have to show her a trick or command a few times and she knows it. She just amazes me. I'm the one who lost nerves in her back from a virus. So I wasn't sure I could train another puppy. Isn't God good to find just the perfect puppy for us. She is 5 mons. and weighs about 25 lbs. We had chickens but they quit laying,so were looking for hens now. We live in a neighbor hood where you can look out your windows and see horses and cattle.

-- Jo (farmerjo@kvalley.com), October 23, 2001.

We have three horses: a big thoroughbred (she is fast) named Rosie, a Belgian pony ( she is a large pony) named Dixie, and a Missouri Foxtotter named Rocket (smooth- 5 gaited horse, you don't even budge in the saddle). We have a collie named boots, i rooster and 8 hens (they are all named too!) two kittens, Carly and Tigger, and 2 parakeets inside the house. Kids want another horse and a fish tank. We might do the fish tank as a Christmas gift to all four of them. the horse part is still up for debate!

-- Melissa (me@home.net), October 23, 2001.

SIMBA THE CAT...she takes up the space that a few cats would, and if anyone wants the most comfortable seat, look for simba and you'll find it. I'm not sure how many fleas she has, but do those count? I would LOVE to have a horse , chickens, a goose, more cats, some goats, some Koala bears. Any kind of animal , asuming i'll have all that room for them. =)

-- jillian (sweetunes483@yahoo.com), October 23, 2001.

Our current animal list is short: 1 lab mix named Pepper, 1 short haired chihuahua named Maggie and one long haired chihuahua named Penny. We've had turtles (Indiana Jones, Admiral Byrd) two anole lizards (Wallace, Junior) a garter snake (slick) lovebird (Sweety) [she was the most hateful, annoying creature we've ever had] and a parakeet (Skeeter). Our horse lives at my in-law's place (Traveller- nicknamed George). We hope to get a few goats for brush control and some guinneas for pest control.

-- Jo (mamamia2kids@msn.com), October 23, 2001.

Okay, in the house are 2 cats, Clawdette and her son Junebug (also answers to idiot), Dogs-we have a chow/lab mix named Max and a doberman/beagle mix named Risa. Yes, she's really a doberman/beagle mix. Both dogs were rescued from neglect or abuse. There are 5 barn cats, named Pawleen (she came with the place 8 years ago), P.K., Rusty (weasel killer) Sammy Davis Jr. (has 1 eye) and BB Kitty (named after BB King). There is an assorment of ducks- about 1 dozen mixed breeds and we have a variety of chickens too-probably about 40, all kinds. I raise oberhasli goats and have 12 does and 2 bucks. I also have 3 token white saanens mixed into the herd.

I hope no one starts a thread about the cost of feed. I'd be embarassed.

-- Charleen in WNY (harperhill@eznet.net), October 23, 2001.

We sold all but three of our goats before the move, and have since acquired two more does and two little bucks(Nubians). Gave away the chickens and ducks, and have started over, so we now have two pairs of Rouen ducks, and about 15 chickens. And one parakeet. Oh, and number two son has a pet lizard;)

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), October 23, 2001.

We have two doe rabbits, two bucks (1 young, 1 older) and two ready to butcher. Eleven roosters (10 needed to be butchered two weeks ago) and four hens. One sheltie named Lady. We plan to buy a pig and a calf this spring and add to our rabbits. I want two or maybe three milk goats but we don't have the barn set up for them yet.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), October 23, 2001.

My wife and I currently are owned by a five year old Australian Shepard / Chow mix dog named Ringo(energy to spare!), and a 15 year old Siamese indoor cat named Judy. We are going to try chickens and a chicken tractor soon, but are waiting for the really cold / wet weather to pass us by before we go this route. Not planning on roosters (we live in the city), and need to discuss them with the dog.

-- j.r. guerra (jrguerra@boultinghousesimpson.com), October 23, 2001.

Well we had 15 nubian goats but this spring my husband was working out of town, the pick up broke down, (to get hay and feed), some of the fencing broke, I wasn't feeling well, so I sold them all. so currently we have 1 cat and 1 dog, but plan to at least have goats, chickens and maybe raise a beef and pig for eating.

-- Carol in Tx (cwaldrop@peoplescom.net), October 23, 2001.

I have 5 rabbits (3 dutch, 1 florida white, and a mix). There names are tricks, sugur, coco, buster brown, and dutchess. I have 3 dogs (2 miniture pinschers, and a aussie mix) There names are basil, deedee, and jade. I also have 3 cats (mixes). There names are loulou, meathead, and hotty. I also have a fish (beta). His name is colors.

-- Wendy (ThornberryWJ@aol.com), December 02, 2001.

OK I dont have any farm pets. But I still have adorable cats and an adorable dog. I have five cats total,which includes Tatiana (about 10 yrs), Checkers (7yrs), Princess (5yrs at most), Ginger (1 1/2 yrs), and Lucky (1yr). Its so fun watching them parade around the house. (they are all indoor, all females, all spade, all rescued).And i love them lots. My dog, whose name is Chelsea, is a pure breed Pembroke Welsh Corgi. (at least 11 yrs old). Her companion d a couple months ago. Her name was Brandy, she was illergic to meat. She died from a tumor in her nose. Which made it nonstop bleed. She died at 13 yrs old, and she was rescued also. She is the same breed as chelsea. I used to breed fish. I had about 200 once.....now I have 2. Both are Chiclids-blue. I own a pair of Red bellied newts. I also own three sibirian dwarf hampsters. Out side my dad keeps goldfish and koi in the pond. Frogs come and go. Out side there are at most 150 fish.

And when I get back from vacation in Florida I am gettin a bird. That I amexpecailly excited about. I think thebreed will ether be African ringnecked parakeet, Moustache parakeet, Quaker parakeet, Tovi parakeet, or maybe a senegal. I still need to do more research.

I cant wait to geta bird! bye!

-- Erin O. (AirBearRegina@netscape.net), June 19, 2002.

I am new to this site and figured this was a good place to start.I have 28 reg.Quarter Horses,too many bantys(used at barn for insect control),6 americana hens,one rooster of undetermined breeding,12 Rhode Island Red pullets,and just ordered golden-laced wyndottes and silver-laced wyndottes to add to my layers.Oh,and 1-border collie/catahoula mix dog(8yrs. old).I seem to start my day out feeding and end up feeding.This is the first yr. I have even attempted to put in a garden and it turned out to be a success!(Had to do something with all the horse manure!)My hubby and I ride quite a bit,show cutting horses and when time permits...trail ride and horse camp.And I play on this "puter" when I get the time to sit. K in Ark.

-- kaye white (kwhite59@hotmail.com), June 25, 2002.

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