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I was looking at some prints the other day that the photographer said were FP4 printed on color paper. The tones were absolutely incredible. does that sound right or was he just pulling my leg?

I shoot mostly Tri-X and would like to give that technique a try if it is indeed a viable technique.

Thanks in advance...

-- David Cunningham (, October 22, 2001


Thatīs right, the tones of the prints should be similar as sepia. Thats because the colour sensibility of the colour paper. Itīs easy to know if is true, you have to leave tour B&W negatives at your labo and order to use them as colour ones. Try it!

-- Iņigo Uriz (, October 22, 2001.

You can get any coloration you want printing on color paper! If you want a B/W all you have to do is to sandwich a blank sheet of processed color film with your B/W negative and print as usual! This way you can print them with a "standard" color filter pack and tweak it just the way you want. Kodak now has put out a film that has the orange mask built into the B/W emulsion to make your life even easier(or get your film printed at a photo shop). It is the new Portrait line and I recommend you try it.

-- Scott Walton (, October 23, 2001.

Scott, are you talking about Kodak PORTA 400 B&W? If so, yes it does have the orange masking and is meant to be printed on color paper with no color shift.

-- Johnny Motown (, October 23, 2001.

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