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I've just purchased my first "folder". Any suggestions from my fellow Kodaphiles on how to get the best results with this camera? Don't be shy Pete, I'm counting on you!

-- John Reichenbach (, October 22, 2001


Well, I dunno, John, I'm suffering from "once bitten, twice shy" syndrome, since Maarten B. ripped my head off ;) about the 116 film fiasco in the other Brownie forum...

However, I do use a few folders, and have had great success. I own a Vigilant Six-20 with an f/4.5 lens, and this little beauty has produced some beautiful shots in existing light using a relatively slow speed film (Verichrome Pan ISO 125).

The Vigilant Six-20 Junior has, I believe, a slower lens and limited shutter speed, am I right? If so, you will want to remember that low light will need a flash or a time exposure. Other than that, the only thing I can suggest is experiment, experiment, experiment. I had a Tourist II with the same "features" as your camera (T/B/I, f/12.5 lens), but I had a major problem with lens flare due to the flat glass front lens protector.

I love working with folders if only for their eye-catching appearance and the way they feel in my hands. Have fun, John!

-- Pete Lutz (, October 23, 2001.

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