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I have been making handmade all vegetable oil soap for 4 years. I have some cocoa butter that I would like to use in a batch, but I don't know how much to use for an 11# batch of soap. It's kind of dried up, too; is it still ok to use in soap? Thanks!

-- Linda Kingsley (, October 22, 2001


It will be fine, I use 1 ounce per pound of my oils. Run it through the MMS calculator though for the right amount of lye. I use (I do 6 pounders of oil), 40 ounces of olive, 25 coconut, 25 palm, 6 cocoa butter - 32 ounces of distillwater, 13.5 lye. Makes a wonderful bar of soap actually I make 26 4plus ounce bars of soap from that receipe.

-- Debbie (, October 22, 2001.

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