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I bought my first goats three years ago, from a guy who didn't believe in disbudding, and had them running quite wild. They did tame up beautifully and became good goats, but once I learned about CAE testing, I have been worried whether they had it; didnt quite have the nerve to even find out. Recently, I've become good friends with a vet, who volunteered to do the testing for me in exchange for using a nice little buck I've acquired since the move...Yesterday she told me the lab had actually broken two of the vials, so we'll have to redo those, but the other two came back Negative!! What a relief to know my dear Keisha Kay, and Wanda, too, are CAE free!!

-- mary (, October 22, 2001


I am so glad that your goat is CAE free. I have been trying to get into this forum for days. It has been offline I think. Sorry it took so long to answer.

-- Little bit Farm (, October 26, 2001.

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