who are "LMD Ltd"?

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While Citibank are stalling and stalling and not sending our SARN data (118 days now since we first sent it, citibank you naughty people!), they're obviously trying to find out about our current situation. The most laughably amateur attempt so far has just arrived, which is a letter from

"LMD Ltd" Victoria House 1 Gloucester Road Cheltenham Glos GL51 8LN

saying that we've "WON A PRIZE!". Guess what? We just have to telephone them and quote a reference number to claim it! I remember reading a posting here from someone who'd had the same letter, and was just wondering if anyone knows who this company really is, so we can have some fun with them? Their letter says they're called "Survey UK", the trading name of "Opinions Ltd". None of these companies has a web presence (except a spurious little website someone's knocked up in their lunch hour in a failed attempt to give them a bit of street-cred!) Is LMD linked to FCM (First Credit Management), or is the fact their addresses both begin 'Victoria House' a pure coincidence? Go on - someone tell me and let me loose on them! Melody

-- Melody (mbc109@york.ac.uk), October 22, 2001


You should post a written request for an "assessment" of Citibank's failure to respond within 40 days to the Information Commissioner (whose address is listed a few posts down under the subject line: Information Commissioner).

I'd like to see a copy of that prize letter. Do you have a scanner?


-- Lee (repossession@home-repo.org), October 22, 2001.

I did a search on the postcode for you: it says Aspey Lawrence & Co Ltd, if you search for this name on the yell.co.uk it says they are insurance brokers. I guess there may be more than one business at this address, but this is the only one that comes up on that postcode.

-- (white_ankle_sox@yahoo.co.uk), October 22, 2001.

Thanks for that - I already did the search and found out about Aspey Lawrence & Co, but figured it wasn't the same bunch as their own advertising doesn't include stuff like credit tracing. Anything's possible though... We've also already requested an assessment of Citibank from the IC - the IC is currently investigating "how and why you were contacted by [Citibank's] Risk Management Department if no information about you is held." (Citibank claimed, after writing demanding we phone them urgently, that they have no data on record about us at all!!) I'll see if I can get my scanner to work and send copies of the exciting "prize notification" sometime later this week...or check out their terribly professional website (not!) at www.surveyprizeline.co.uk Good luck!

-- Melody (mbc109@york.ac.uk), October 23, 2001.

If you've sent Citibank a SARN and they've not replied sue them ! Two SARNs served by recorded delivery, not replied to, then serve proceedings on them claiming for Distress. You'll have to fund the fight (around 2.5K in my case), but they have violated an act of parliament and you will get damages (not much but depending on the damage or distress you can prove) and your costs back ! Forget their games start to hurt these institution at the cash end !

-- rather not say (anon@anon.com), November 08, 2001.

Unfortunately, 2.5K is way out of my price range! Pity, as it sounds like a nice idea...

-- Melody (mbc109@york.ac.uk), November 09, 2001.

They are still at it - I received my notification of a prize this morning - but do not get anywhere on their web site.

-- D.L.Nicholson (dlnchlsn@aol.com), March 05, 2002.

We received one of these this morning, it wasn't even addressed to one of us, but the house number. The last time I had something similar it was for a years body building at a local gym, funny thing was I had to go at least 3 times a week and I still had to pay. Some prize.....

-- Gilly (gillypompom@aol.com), March 16, 2002.

Very interesting! I got a notification the other day from Survey UK at Victoria House - what's going on? Will check out their website ....

-- stedmon (stedmon@hotmail.com), March 27, 2002.

Just checked it out ... I've won a year's membership to a local gym which will only cost about 2.50 a week (120 a year) to maintain .. some prize! Just wonder how they got my details!

-- stedmon (stedmon@hotmail.com), March 27, 2002.

We have received a "Thank You" and an instruction to phone within 48 hours. Some gifts will cost 3 per week! (is this a gift or a contract?) Clearly these people are selling and not distributing prizes. After finding this site and what others have said our "prize" is destined for that place in the sky along with single socks, teaspoons and junk mail and not even worth the phone call.


-- John Twyford (quis@blueyonder.co.uk), June 06, 2002.

Why do people still think that they will get something for nothing?

-- Gordon Bennet (arsenewhinger@hotmail.com), June 07, 2002.

they are still at it just got one today 10 6 o2 got to phone them within 48 hours(i think not) who are they and is it leagal wot they are doing

-- david rogers (DRogers@rishton9.fsnet.co.uk), June 10, 2002.

I did a search on the postcode GL51 8LN on the Data Protection Register and yes, the firm Aspey Lawrence is listed as being at the address given by Melody.

This is the link: http://www.dpr.gov.uk/cgi-bin/dpr98-fetch.pl?source=DPR&docid=122282

You'll find purpose 5 very interesting - "The tracing of consumer and commercial debtors and the collection on behalf of creditors. The purchasing of trade debts, including rentals and instalment credit payments, from business"

I wonder, from a DPA point of view, whether or not the companies SurveyUK and LMD Ltd ought to be registered under the DPA, as what they are doing means they have personal data and they are using it for various purposes. From what people have received, the two companies don't state that they are trading names of Aspey Lawrence.


-- pendle (pendle_666@yahoo.co.uk), June 10, 2002.

Mail from SurveyUK still arriving. I have won a prize - 48 hrs to claim or opportunity expires, ha ha. No internet connection available

-- nan wallace (nanwallace@hotmail.com), June 18, 2002.

The conflict between the mail shot and what is actually going on is interesting.

1, The Advertising Standards Authority

I'd suggest making a complaint to the ASA. Make sure that you identify the company at the front, and the company behind as well. Both are guilty of offering goods or services, when in reality they are just trying to confirm you live there. This is a violation of the Advertising Standards Code, as such it applies to the front company, but for Citibank it would be a disaster.

2, The IC

I think an assessment request to the IC should provide the same details, they are not allowed to dupe you to obtain personal details like this.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (pearson_harry@hotmail.com), June 18, 2002.

I received one of these "prize" letters this morning and only cos I'm off work sick decided to go on line to check out web address given and stumbled onto this - guess it's going in bin with rest of junk mail and I'll have to go buy a lotto ticket and try my luck there!!

-- Jacqui (jacquidownie@yahoo.co.uk), June 21, 2002.

Guess what I just received the same rubbish in the post this morning and my wife was nearly stupid enough to respond to this bull****. it is an obviose con & surely somebody should be looking into it a bit deeper. LMD Ltd. (Dont make me laugh)

-- iain dunbar (DnIAin@aol.com), June 26, 2002.

I recieved one of these stupid things this morning. Why does it say that "some gifts require activation not exceeding 3 per week" if they are so called legimate prizes? It's a scam I did not recieve or respond to any survey.

-- Kate Hanvey (katehanvey44@mns.com), July 15, 2002.

Guess what? Yep I've just received my winning letter this morning!! I think it's disgusting the way these firms try to con people & I don't like the way they can get hold of our addresses so easily.

-- Laurie Farrelly (Farrelly7464@aol.com), July 19, 2002.

Like an idiot, I called Survey UK, they told me I have won a 3 year free membership at Shelines, 16A Wolverhampton Street, Dudley. And guess what, I can take a friend along, who will also get 3 years free membership. So on Saturday, I went for a drive to check Shelines out, I found Wolverhampton Street in the middle of Dudley, but guess what, "No Shelines", what a surprise, or should I say, what a fool I was.

-- Donna Crowther (tonyanddonna@crowther64.fresserve.co.uk), July 21, 2002.

Guess what, I received the survey prize letter also this morning and have tried to get onto the web site and instead I was directed here. It seems that anyone with half a brain will try and check out the web site before ringing them up and then find out it's a scam and not bother, just as I have done. Those poor people who don't have the choice in checking out their web site will continue to get ripped off. I agree someone should do something, if anyone has any ideas?

-- Christina (christinabytes@yahoo.co.uk), July 22, 2002.

The other thing you should be aware of is that you leave a calling card when you check out the website of these people. I don't understand the technicalities of it, but I believe they can download a report of which ISP's and email addresses checked the site. It's why you might get spammed by loan companies all the time if you do web searches on repossessions etc. Being deeply suspicious, I would suspect that tracers might scan such reports to see if they recognise any names in the headers?

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), July 22, 2002.

Received one this morning 24th July how do these people get away with it!!!!You can get an instant fine for speeding but con people out of money and it takes an age to stop.

-- frank miller (sox1812@aol.com), July 24, 2002.

i got one this morning 27/07/02 how can people like this get away with what they are doing cant somebody at aol stop them trying to lure people with there web adress?

-- arlene (crystal9020@aol.com), July 27, 2002.

I received one of these congrat letters, no postage stamp on it. Do I take this as Royal Mail has become part of this scam. If MacDonalds can be taken to court for making someone fat, why can't Royal Mail be taken to court for getting into a contract to deliver these letters i believe at a penny a time.

-- paul (pe.allen@ntlworld.com), July 30, 2002.

Well let's not mention that other scam....The National Lottery! The only way these things work is through the triumph of human greed over common sense. Just bin them along with the other junk mail such as scratch cards where you always win a prize but it costs you a 1 a minute to phone up and claim it. Look at the way TV now uses the same technique to offer a prize worth thousands but charge you several pounds of phone time to enter.

-- Gordon Bennet (arsenewhinger@hotmail.com), July 31, 2002.

Aug. 1st. Received the notification of my prize today. Compliment slip from Victoria House. Survey type: Carbonated or still water preferences. Obviously a load of gas !! In the bin with it.

-- Brenda Wood (User210273@aol.com), August 01, 2002.

Guess what???????? Yes we've also won one of fifty prizes with this "Mickey Mouse" company. File 13 for this letter along with my nail clippings.

-- Brian (BrianMacdonald920@hotmail.com), August 01, 2002.

Me too! I guess that means weve all been taken in by it as we,ve all got this far!!

-- Rosie Mould (rosiemould@hotmail.com), August 01, 2002.

Guess what? Yes, I too have won a fabulous prize from Survey UK.

I live about a mile from their Gloucester Road address, so I might just return their mail whence it came, with my compliments!

Power to the people!

-- Andrew Messam (andrew@amessam.freeserve.co.uk), August 02, 2002.

I too received a prize winning letter, surely it's time these poeple were stoped from being allowed to do this. unfortunately though whilst there are still some idiots that phone for prizes this will still keep happenning. why does everybody want something for nothing its about time people were happy to be fit and well!

-- Lisa Gough (laglisagough@netscape.net), August 12, 2002.

I got a notification like this today. As for these people, it has been past onto a few hacker friends that do specialist tracing. Hopefully it will not be too long before a result is achieved.

These guys can run, but they cannot hide.


-- anon (linex23@yahoo.co.uk), August 20, 2002.

Quess What? I to have received my notification of being a winner!!!!! If I reply would I then become a loser? File 13 coming up. Where do these people get our addresses from? Why aren`t the mail companies made responsible? How do they get away with it? Concerned Brian

-- Brian A. Shiero (ba.hosier@ntlworld.com), August 27, 2002.

Received notice of big prize. Knew it was a big con but still wanted to know what I would get for the price of a second mortgage. I really wanted a two week holiday in the Seychelles, even though it was disguised as a plastic keyring. Was really disapointed when I found that they didn't even have a web site. I really wanted that 3 per week for 48 weeks keyring - no luck.

-- lillian greenwood (lillian.greenwood@virgin.net), August 29, 2002.


-- bev (bev30green@yahoo.co.uk), September 04, 2002.

hi i too receved a thankyou today telling me to ring them withon 24 hours what the bloody hell r they playing at what aload of.................................................................... .......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

-- hayley (hollydeakin@yahoo.co.uk), September 11, 2002.

Just got prize notification... What a load of shite

-- Dave (dave.abbo@ntlworld.com), September 11, 2002.

Sorry now for long answer !!!Got Congratulations you have one - got to web site www.surveyprizeline.co.uk Did own search of web / bt / address etc - got following:-

Disclaimer - The following may not be connected with the gift offer - it is only the result of a search.

Mr S P Williamson Aspey Williamson Limited Victoria House, 1 Gloucester Road Cheltenham Gloucester GL51 8LN United Kingdom 00 44 (0)1242 690666 aspey.will@binternet.com

says Simon Pym Williamson, the, president of the IFP who also runs the Cheltenham-based financial planner Aspey Williamson.

Also Speaking Simon Williamson - Aspey Williamson and President of the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP)

Financial We are appointed introducers to Services Aspey Lawrence & Co Ltd of Cheltenham, Insurance Brokers & Investment Consultants

Simon Pym Williamson Certified Financial Planner Aspey Williamson Ltd, 9 Church Street, Broadway, Worcestershire WR12 7AE

Phone: 01386 858121 Fax: 01386 858124

email: simon@aspeywilliamson.co.uk

Qualifications Certified Financial Planner [CFP]

Ideal Client Types

Business owners/managers aged 45+ Retired, including expatriates and widows Capital exceeding 1,000,000 Household income over 75,000*

Typical Clients and Charges Business owners employing 5 to 50 people who require a planner to help them become financially well organised and liaise with their other professional advisers.

Other professionals: Doctors, Solicitors and Accountants.

Retired couples, including expatriates, who require financial "peace of mind" as they grow older and less able to manage their own affairs.

Widows whose inherited investments, pensions, property and other finances have previously been handled by their late husband.

Fees range from 40 to 175 per hour. First year costs are likely to be from 2,000 offset by commissions if applicable. Annual costs - retainer of 50 per month plus fees, depending on complexity. Client meetings can be held at our Cheltenham office or Central London if appropriate, usually at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall.

General Background Information Simon Williamson has over 30 year's experience in personal financial planning. He has arranged and addressed many seminars on investment and financial planning matters, is the President of the Institute of Financial Planning and was Chairman of its National Conference in 1998 and 1999.

Specialist Practice Areas Investment Management - planning and management of a portfolio of assets. Retirement Planning - personal financial planning for retirement. Long Term Care. Estate Planning - Inheritance Tax and Use of Wills and Trusts. Offshore Investment - planning for UK nationals living or working abroad, or for non-UK nationals resident in the UK. Succession Planning and Exit Route Planning - for business owners including partnerships and shareholder protection. Divorce - Legal and Financial Considerations. Geographical areas South West England Thames Valley London

-- Analyst (trashcan@blueyonder.co.uk), September 12, 2002.

Hi, Letter arrived this morning addressed to the house number. 16th Sept.2002. Congratulating the house for winning a prize. Checked out the web sites and then tossed it into the wheelie bin. Cheers, Bill

-- William Livingstone (billyliv@ntlworld.com), September 16, 2002.

hi i too received a prize notification this morning 20/09/02. suggest you all do as i am about to do and re-seal the envelope with its contents,and post it on back to them minus a stamp of course carl

-- carl prince (carl.prince@btopenworld.com), September 20, 2002.

i recieved same thing in mail this morn and feel really sorry for the poor people with no net who are actually phoning these people at their expense. how terrible that these people can take advantage of honest (if a little gullable) folk who thought they may just have won something. and the whole carbonated or still water survey.........what a bloody joke. i have never recieved this survey and to be honest who would care. surveys are always a lot more in depth than that!!! im sick of these conmen. i was once offered a free holiday just to attend a presentation, and as i take no crap deciced to go along. there was supposedly a holiday but we never recieved any information, and the presentation was trying to sell you a holiday deal costing over 5000. i told them in no uncertain terms where to go (no wonder i didnt get a holiday!) i just hope that sites like this one help people to wise up and realise that it is very rare you get something for nothing so if it sounds suspicious, it probably is! im off to do what the good man above recommended, send it back without a stamp, and i may add a lovely letter telling them exactly what i think of them. one other suggestion, write to your local rag, warning others in the area about these conmen!!!

-- juliah (jamie_w@ntlworld.com), September 25, 2002.

just out of interest i checked what i had won and again it was membership to a local gym for just under 3 a week. i did phone the gym in question and they did actually know about the promo which came as quite a shock. so in my opinion the gyms taking part are just as bad as the company sending this s***. its obviously cheap advertising to them!!!!

-- juliah (jamie_w@ntlworld.com), September 25, 2002.

I received one of the letters the other day but only just got round to doing something about it. I was going to ring the number but decided to checked out the website first. I'm so glad i did, thank you everyone that has made a comment on here because if you hadnt i probably would have rang and got conned. I think this its stupid that people can get away with doing this, they should be stopped.

-- Marie (marie_cadman@urscorp.com), September 26, 2002.

you know what maks me laugh is all the people that have complained in these posts,you all went to the web site out of PURE GREED!!!! just to see if you could win something for nothing...so its your fault that these companies are getting away with it,GO ON KEEP PHONING AND SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND GIVING IT TO THESE PEOPLE(YOU CAN SEND IT TO ME IF YOU WANT,AND I WILL NOT CLUTTER UP YOUR POST BOX) REMEMBER...............YOU GET NOTHING FOR FREE IN THIS LIFE...

-- anon (bcandste@btoenworld.com), October 04, 2002.

Well, as another datapoint, they are still sending out their crap. I received one today (8th Nov '02).

The "author" field of the web page claims "Tom Doggett".

The website is registered to "InToTheNet"

intothenet.co.uk is registered to an "Andrew Scott".

This page is interesting.. http://www.intothenet.co.uk/tom.htm

It's important to know that InToTheNet are *not* directly connected with this. They wrote the web page for "Surveys UK", and they host the domain, but I believe (in the absense of other evidence) that this is the extent of their connection. However if someone wants to get nasty, there is probably a way to get InToTheNet to reveal the contact details for the client (bit of social engineering might be in order).

As to the comments about the solicitors address - that means nothing other than that the people doing this are probably clients of that solicitor. You may well find that they are using their solicitor as a "drop-box". A relative of mine who moves around a lot as part of his job does the same thing.

I haven't got time to dig deeper (job hunting at the moment), but maybe someone else might want to take it further?

-- Carl (spamtrap@yoshiwara.org.uk), November 08, 2002.

Guess what? I received a prize notification, or at least my house number did! However I have already campaigned through press and t.v to bring scams like this to the publics attention but, there are people who will always respond. I don't live far from Cheltenham, I may make a personal visit and get them sorted. I have already upset a company called sweet and tasty who kept telling me i had won twenty thousand pounds, that company was run by a real villian. These people should be easy to sort out!

-- geoff ryland (greyflancker@yahoo.com), November 08, 2002.

Got mine this morning (03/12/02) as did other people in the neighbourhood. Anything telling you that your "gift" will cost less than 3 a week to "activate" is selling you something, so my first port of call was google, where I found this page. Interesting reading indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if the company involved was aware of this webpage and farmed everyone's email addresses from it!

-- A.Non (webproducer.watchdog@bbc.co.uk), December 03, 2002.

I noticed someone earlier thought Royal Mail was as much to blame for these junk mail spams.

I have registered with the Mail Preference Service - to stop junk mail. Royal Mail sent me a huge survey with loads of tick boxes to fill in (which I presume they intend to supply to the companies you don't want the unsolicited mail from). I sent it back without ticking any boxes and wrote across every single page that I do not wish my details passed to other companies or stored in any way apart from stopping rubbish mail.

The junk mail I get does seem to be reducing, and now whenever I recieve unsolicited mail, I write them a polite letter saying I am registered with MPS and that their mail is unsolicited, I also ask them to explain where they received my details from and to remove me from their records completely, and to send me proof they have done so. I put the letter in their prepaid envelope if they provide one with all the crap they have kindly sent me (to add weight to the postage paid). If they send me more crap, I send them another letter telling them that I am now going to report them to the Advertising Standards Agency if I hear from them again. I put this letter, along with their very useful rubbish, in an unstamped envelope, so they get to go and get the letter from the post office and pay extra for the priviledge.

I rarely hear from anyone twice!


-- One Angry Mother (madcow678@hotmail.com), December 03, 2002.

I too have recieved a prize from this company in gloucestershire today and i live in east yorkshire which is along way to travel to a gym. Who are 'Opinions Ltd' as they sound like a company that collects data for companies.They should be struck off.It is interesting to note that a large magazine Co has been sending information for a 300,000.00 prize jointly to my children, they are aged 11 & 12 years old and got quite excited at the prospect of winning this cash. These companies ought tobe find huge amounts of money for plying this trade,I for one will be complianing to the correct authorities,IE: watchdog.

-- Jon (peaky@dircon.co.uk), January 04, 2003.

i thinck thay should stop all this s**** as some peopledo beleive i got one and i rang up just to find out what it wasand it was a free membership to a gym just to see what thay would say i told them that i only had one leg so they said that i could give it to someone elsei said no thank you and for 20 mins thay was trying to get me to take it in the end i said no thank you and put the phone down

-- michelle reynolds (smelly-shelly@fsmail.net), January 08, 2003.

happy new year. just got my free gift!,(18/01/2003) must be a late birthday present as it was my birthday on 13/01,hope it`s a nice new car, or a disney holiday(iwish). sent mine back as return to sender,they can pay for it.

-- mark webster (mark@webster3706.fsnet.co.uk), January 18, 2003.

Well - its been a while - But I have just recieved one of these "winning tickets" through the post - usual crap - nothing new. I am in Devon though, and that seems to be a new area for them. Out of interest, a WHOIS on the domain name throws up some info. - this must be a correct address, as they have renewed it with Nominet, and the paper work must have gone to this address. Seems the same company - but the domain name is tiptoptwo.co.uk instead. - it doesnt work btw!

Domain Name: tiptoptwo.co.uk

Registrant: Opinions Limited

Registrant's Address: 1st Floor Abbey House High Street Winchcombe Glos Winchcombe Glos GL54 5LJ GB

Registrant's Agent: Fasthosts Internet Limited [Tag = FASTHOSTS] URL: http://www.fasthosts.co.uk

Relevant Dates: Registered on: 03-Dec-2002 Renewal Date: 03-Dec-2004

By the way - Im glad so many other people are suspicious enough to search on Google first ;-)

-- Tom (tom_dommett@hotmail.com), June 02, 2003.

My mum got one of these which said she had won a free 3 year membership to a gym in Liverpool worth 750 fr her and a friend, PLUS a personal trainer. She rang up and they told her she'd won it in a survey which she'd never taken part in!

She is ringing the gym for more info.

Web address of promoter is tiptoptwo.co.uk.

Will keep u posted!

-- jayne mccarthy (jayne.mccarthy@hotmail.com), June 04, 2003.

I feel I should clarify a couple of things here that people have already mentioned.

We (Intothenet) are the company that designed the web site you are talking about. Myself and Andrew Scott, who I believe has also been mentioned on this page, are the partners that set up Intothenet.

We coded the site for Opinions Ltd but are in no other way associated with them (our address is the Abbey House, Winchombe address that someone mentioned - we use that on domain names so that our clients don't get all the crap that we get posted ;) ).

Anyway, I hope that clarifies things from our company's point of view. I'll keep an eye on things here and answer a few things if I can, but we would never give out any information of any of our clients to anyone, without permission from the client, as I'm sure you can all appreciate.

Tom Doggett Partner, Intothenet.

-- Tom Doggett (tom@intothenet.co.uk), June 04, 2003.

Sorry about the multiple posts :)

I should also clarify for their benefit that Aspey Williamson are a finance company who have nothing to do with anything that you're discussing.

-- Tom Doggett (tom@intothenet.co.uk), June 04, 2003.

Re comment about Aspey Williamson Ltd in earlier posts I write, as a director of that company, to confirm that it has no connection whatsoever with these surveys. We rented offices for some time at Victoria House but are not responsible for the actions of other companies that may also be renting there. AWLtd is a well respected financial planning company that moved offices last year and is now renamed Broadway Financial Planning Ltd.

-- Simon Pym Williamson (simon@broadwayfp.co.uk), June 08, 2003.

Hi, my wife is in dispute with the Woolwich after a respossession due to a previous marriage and the matter has been placed on hold by their 'pet' recovery agency.

After reading this post (thought people would not stoop so low, oh well) we received a 'prize' from these people in yesterdays post (10/06/2003). I rang the number to claim my prize, the girl at the other end knew nothing about it, I told her that I had won a gym membership (for a gym that does exist locally to me) and that she worked for a debt collection company. Sounded surprised.

The envelope contained a compliment slip from a company called Opinions Ltd t/a Survey UK - same address as the original post. Strangely, the postmark refers to a company called LMD Ltd (if anyone from that company is reading this, maybe you should invest in a new stamp for your franking machine!)

Oh well, nice to see that there is life in the old dog yet.

-- Don't want to Say (stiffed_by_ex@yahoo.co.uk), June 11, 2003.

Have you actually contacted the gym as well? They may not even know that LMD are using their name. I know my company would be pretty miffed if somebody started giving away prizes in their name - kosher or not!!

The Trading Standards Authority may be interested too.

Tracey x

-- One Angry Mother (madcow678@hotmail.com), June 13, 2003.

Yes I did, they knew about it, they even have a representative of the company there to show you round the place. The gym did say they had no control over where the "prize" letters were sent, and the person I spoke to got a bit off when I started to criticise. He works in a gym, could be a big bloke (can lift a heavy weight but can't spell it, if you see what I mean).

Check out this link http://europa.eu.int/comm/consumers/policy/developments/fair_comm_prac t/responses_followup/consumer_organisations/02.pdf

It's a pdf file, search for Associated Members Club. Interesting reading which may make this discussion outside of the realms of this web site. Things like this do make you wonder why you try to make an honest living when people are getting away with ripping people off!

Call to trading standards/consumer association might seem like a good idea now!

-- Don't Want to Say (stiffed_by_ex@yahoo.co.uk), June 13, 2003.


-- mugu .o mugu (mugu@mugu.com), October 13, 2003.

Their still at it, as I got mine today! It's already in the bin.

-- Just Jacki. (jacki.wilson@virgin.net), October 13, 2003.

I live in W Yorks, I apparently also have won a prize-and like all of you decided to check out the website first. I am soooo glad i did. I wiped my backside on their 'Congratulations' slip stuck it in an envelope and posted it back. Fairs fair, they used a stamp on mine, so I used a stamp on theirs. I wanted to be sure it got there. And if the send me their crap i don't see why we shouldn't all send them ours! The stamp is a bargain compared to the satisfaction.

-- On a web site are you mad? (tony@smidge.fsnet.co.uk), November 01, 2003.

I've just received my prize number from "Survey UK". The web site tells me I've won 3yrs gold membership to "Studio One" on Burley Rd Leeds. I only have to pay 3.20 a week(total value of membership is 750..they say). As with many things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.. Al.

-- Al Stanway (alstanway@hotmail.com), November 02, 2003.

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