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I found this as I was surfing for info on geese... Please read it...it's important!

Dear Friends:

Four weeks ago we were notified that we would no longer be able to ship our baby chicks via Northwest Airlines. At that time we contacted many of our customers and asked for their help in resolving this matter. Wow, did they ever respond. Over 14,000 of you contacted your Senators and Congressmen on our behalf, and you know what, it worked. Here we are, one month after starting this campaign, with a bi-partisan bill introduced to the Senate.

We want to thank those of you who responded for your help and are asking you one more time for your grass roots support. Senate Bill Number: S.1397 is on the Senate floor. This bill is an important start to allowing all shippers of poultry around the country to be assured of staying in business, and more importantly, getting our customers their poultry needs in the future.

Our original campaign taught us that a mailed letter is the best way of getting a response from a congressional member. We have enclosed a letter for each of your Senators. To be successful, every person, business, customer, and supplier impacted by the refusal of airlines to take poultry and "other live animals" by airmail shipments, MUST immediately write their respective Senators urging their support to seek passage of this legislation.

Please recruit all of your friends, family, and other individuals to support this cause.

We have set up a page on our website, Take Action, where you can personalize letters to your senators. Please, tell them how this will affect you. Be sure to sign and mail these letters

Unless this bill passes, shipping baby poultry through the mail will more than likely become a thing of the past. Thank you for your cooperation on this most important issue.


Your Friends at McMurray Hatchery



-- (idahocher@sisna.com), October 21, 2001


I doubt many in Congress will be opening their snail mail for a few weeks.

-- Joe (CactusJoe001@AOL.com), October 22, 2001.

The ban has been lifted. I don't know if this is a permenent situation or not. I do know that I received their weekly special e- mail and they are shipping chicks now.

If you have not written in support of the bill I would advise you to do so. This will affect all of us in the long run and we need to show our support.

-- Tom S. (trdsshepard@yahoo.com), October 22, 2001.

I recently had a response from my senator on this issue. He said that Senate Bill 1398, the Treasury and Postal Service spending bill, had passed the Senate on Sept. 19; it included an amendment which ensures the availability of the mail as a means to transmit shipments of day-old poultry. The bill is now in conference with the House. With all the current problems facing the postal service, I imagine the postal spending bill will quickly be resolved in conference and passed.

-- Katherine in KY (KyKatherine@Yahoo.com), October 22, 2001.

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