what happens after claim form has been completed & handed into courts?

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claim form was completed & handed into courts over a month ago & i have heard nothing can someone please put me in the picture as to what is happening now or could be & what will the next thing i receive from the courts be? bearing in mind the b/soc have never provided any documentation showing how they have arrived at such a figure just issued 2 letters of warning with i & e forms then a solicitors letter the next thing to arrive was the claim form. a third party has liaised with the solicitors prior to court action asking for a breakdown on how the b/soc arrived at such an amount but nothing has been fourthcoming, even though the solicitors stated they would get straight onto the b/soc & request this paperwork. can someone please advise me as to what will happen next with regards to what will be sent from the courts & what i need to do.



-- libby grainger (libby@aol.com), October 21, 2001


If you want to know more about Court procedure, then take a look at the Court Service website (www.courtservice.gov.uk), they have lots of leaflets which describe what happens.

If you have submitted a defence, then the lender's claim will be transferred to your local court, and that can take a little time.

Once the transfer has taken place, you'll receive a notice from the new Court telling you that has been done. The next thing will probably be Judge's directions - a list of things that you and the other side must do and when by.

If you're concerned, then give the Court a ring and find out where your case has got too.

-- pendle (pendle_666@yahoo.co.uk), October 21, 2001.

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