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I have a female silkie who has had runny and goopy eyes for a few days. Someone recommended terramycin in her water as they felt she had some sort of infection. I gave it to her yesterday but don't see any improvenment yet. How long would it take to see an improvement? I've never had to give any medication before. Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions as to what could be wrong or what to do for her? Thanks!

-- Denise (, October 21, 2001


Response to Silkie w/ runny eyes

First, i would isolate her. then, Try flushing the eye with warm water. It may be injured in which you apply some Boric acid eye solution found in the drug dept at walmart.

If the goop is foul smelling it might be coryza. In this case i would treat with sulmet and follow the directions closely.

Here's a awesome website that lists several poultry ailments and how to treat them. There is a site specifically for eye disorders that may point you in a more helpful direction. Please check it out!

-- Buk Buk (, October 21, 2001.

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