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I don't understand what this person is mad at.

-- helen (oy@vey.maria), October 20, 2001


This person is not mad at anyone or thing. They are just mad (disturbed) and probably have a serious substance abuse problem.

At least the password forum provides a safe haven. I just wish I popped in when there was more "action" going on : ).

-- Monkey Spanker (spanking@way.com), October 21, 2001.

Helen, this person is just lashing out at any target because of fury at her own situation. Consider her absolute phobia about being "censored", which includes a password protected forum just to get away from the likes of her. Now you and me, and most people, what would happen if we were for some reason to be censored. I, who I'm sure will be censored long before you on account of I slip into deplorable language at times, I'd probably think it was a hoot. And I doubt if it would ruin hardly anyone's day. But not her, it would be a horrible grudge, to be carried on over literally years.

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), October 21, 2001.

Yeah, this place IS kinda slow huh? But the other place seems to have slowed down too...maybe we're running out of opinions?

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeeD@yahoo.com), October 21, 2001.

Not likely Unk. We're just reading more current events, because there are so many! And Helen, whoever it was spamming last nite, got tired quickly! Their hate campaign only lasted about 3 minutes, start to finish, as opposed to the last one which last about 20. Maybe they are getting tired? If we're lucky they are!!

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), October 21, 2001.

Some of us unfortunately, have way to much going on in life to spend inordinate amounts of time here and other interests on the web, which is different than when some of us were worried the computer system at large was going to fizzle out like a dud fire cracker (Y2K).

World events today have filled me with dismay and a little dread at what the next day may bring. My employer has me up here in Oregon working towards building a new factory in NM. I am away from my loved ones and am trying to assimilate a new technology.

Climate change, culture change, devoid of familiar faces of friends and family, normal local diversions, on a tight budget (at work and personal time)... overload of all senses...

And what looks like WWIII developing on TV...

I want to go home. But, I also want to succeed in my current endeavor for my employer.

A multiverse of inundating information overload...

I finally went out and gave the digital camera a workout at the Oregon coast this weekend. A diversion desperately needed right now.

Anyone else here suffering from WTMI??? (Way Too Much Information)

scratchin' an itch...

The Dog

-- The Dog (dogdesert@hotmail.com), October 21, 2001.

I don't think there can be a situation wherein I have way too much information, Dog. Sometimes it takes me HOURS to wade through all the information, and some days I can't even get through the information, but I WANT it. I confess. I'm a news junky, particularly a POLITICAL news junky. Some folks read the dead-tree versions, but I read the Internet versions. Where else can I have delivered news from across the world at my fingertips?

Regarding the troll, I hadn't even noticed until Helen put up this link and I went back to check. If it gets ignored, it MAY go away. If it doesn't go away, my scroll and back arrows work just fine.

-- Anita (Anita_S3@hotmail.com), October 21, 2001.

Yes, I'm suffering from information overload! I'm trying to process too much trivia in order to better comprehend the larger picture, and it ain't working! Still, I'm not fond of the pre-digested, fast-food form of news that's being dished up on the networks, so I have to continue doing some of my own research.

-- (Meemur@Tree.Street), October 21, 2001.

Anita, I think the dead tree version is better. Get print news sources you trust and stick with them, is my motto. The junk on the Internet is just incredible.

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), October 21, 2001.

Here's an offering from Stranger in a Strange Land:

Jubal blinked. "Front!"

Anne appeared, dripping. "Remind me," Jubal told her, "to write an article on the compulsive reading of news. The theme will be that most neuroses can be traced to the unhealthy habit of wallowing in the troubles of five billion strangers."

----- I have to work nights and days and weekends. We're not allowed news sources at work. One of my relatives has volunteered to bang on the window outside my station and make the outline of a mushroom with both hands if a major strike happens in the U.S. or if a nuke goes off anywhere in the world. I sit near an emergency exit that will get me out of the building and to my car in less than one minute.

I can't imagine being far from home and among strangers, dear. I'm so sorry. If NY is any example, people around you will help you if there is a major problem and you're stuck out there. People will help your loved ones back home too.

-- helen (camp@helen.has.been.repainted), October 21, 2001.

Thanks for the thought Helen.

It is interesting you quote "Stranger in a Strange Land", as I finally read that not too long ago, after many years of saying I was going to. I picked up the uncensored version for a song at a used book store.

Good news is I get to go home for eight days next Saturday. The bad news is I have to come back here.

shakin' off the rain...

The Dog

-- The Dog (dogdesert@hotmail.com), October 22, 2001.

Dog, all I ever needed to know I learned from Heinlein books. If things go way south between 10/27 and 11/3, you're gonna be ok. :)

-- helen (kissing@the.dog.when.the.mule.looks.away), October 22, 2001.

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