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looking for beeswax,, need abround 50 pounds,, if anybody has extra to get rid of,, email me

-- stan (, October 20, 2001


Wow, that's a lot of beeswax! What are you going to do with all that?

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), October 21, 2001.

I use all my beeswax making candles or using it in lip balms some soap receipes. A bonus after the honey. If I needed 50 pounds that would be a indication of getting some hives. America really need more beekeepers.

-- Debbie (, October 21, 2001.

Just read some of your other posts, sorry, you are a beekeeper. We buy Caucasians. Use to keep Italian bees when I lived in Ill., we now live in Ok. these one do pretty good. Just gettin them winterized now. I guess yours would all ready be.

-- Debbie (, October 21, 2001.

I got 2 more accounts for my candles,, and IM running out of beeswax QUICK. Think I got a line on some,, but if anyone has some,, let me know

-- stan (, October 25, 2001.

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