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I thougth I would share something I cut out of the almanac years ago. Its a formula for putting trace minerals back in the garden, I do it every couple of years as our soil is very sandy.You can mix your own, for 1/4 acre garden. 1/4 pd of borax, 5 pds of zinc sulphate,5 pds of epsom salts, 1 pound of copper sulphate and 5 pds of iron sulphate. spread this over the garden site being careful not to get it in the eyes, or on skin. There are 14 different elements plants need and these are just a few.

-- Irene texas (, October 20, 2001


so why not just use a multi purpose fertilizer that has tracer minerals in it? Bet it would be cheaper

-- stan (, October 20, 2001.

That sounds like a good mixture. You could also go to your local ag store and buy a bag of "basic slag". It's a leftover product of iron and steel manufacturing...loaded with trace elements...and cheap...less than $4.00 for 50 lbs. here in Tennessee.

-- Jason in S. Tenn (, October 20, 2001.

put a teaspoon of epsonsalts at each hill of melons makes them sweeter

-- george darby (, October 21, 2001.

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