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About a month ago, I purchased several Rex does. The person bred them all for me, as well as one New Zealand doe. At the proper time for kindling, one doe passed something resembling a pink blob--not recognizable as a kit, and hasn't eaten now for about 10 days! I can't find anything wrong with her that is obvious, but she certainly can't go on forever like that. I'm sure I did everything right, had the nest box in, etc. They are fed commercial pellets, have fresh water, etc. Any thoughts from experienced rabbit breeders? The woman I got them from hasn't a clue, and the vet hasn't called back, so I'm also clueless. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jan

-- Jan in CO (Janice12@aol.com), October 20, 2001


Hi Jan, I have never had that problem, but I wonder if maybe she has not passed all of the kits? Of course, if that was 10 days ago she would probably have a raging infection by now.....so that may not be the problem. Will she eat ANYTHING? Try hay, oats, even banana yogurt to get her to eat something. Even if she has no other problems, she's got to eat. Also, you might try posting your question on the rabbitweb forum, the breeders there are very knowledgeable and always willing to help, that address is http://www.tcims.com/rabbitweb/index.cgi?noframes.

-- Tracey in Alabama (trjlanier@cs.com), October 20, 2001.

Jan, Do you have any antibiotics? I have treated several sick rabbits successfully with a peniciilin injection once a day for 5 days. You can get some from your vet or a coop or a farm dixcount store such as Atwoods, TSC, or Oresclin(sp). Get the subcutaneous kind and you only have to inject a very small amount under the skin !/4 to 1/2 cc every other day or according to the directions. You might try enticing the doe with a little fresh grass clippings or some alfalfa too. good luck.

-- Karen in Kansas (kansasgoats@iwon.com), October 21, 2001.

It sure sounds like she didn't pass all her kits - but if that is the case, I can't imagine why she's still alive! Have you felt of her belly to see if it feels lumpy or hard? I would definitely use the penicillin!

Best of luck to you and your bunny. Please keep us posted - we want to know how she's doing.

-- Cheryl in Ks (cherylmccoy@rocketmail.com), October 21, 2001.

Jan, you may want to ask that question on www.rabbitweb.net. This is a site devoted to raising rabbits.

-- Tom S. (trdsshepard@yahoo.com), October 21, 2001.

2 thoughts, did this doe get ahold of any pennyroyal? this is a natural abortant and might have caused the pink blob. This doe might have wool block. buy some frozen [canned dosnt have enzime needed in it from heat pasturation]pinnapple juice and mix up and put in her water bottle [offer her water twice a day but then remove it as you want her to drink juice]put hay in for her and dont give pellets at all tell she is better. Had a angora rabbit get wool block once and this saved her after three days she passed a big blob of wool.

-- kathy h (ckhart55@earthlink.net), October 21, 2001.

You need to get some electrolytes into her ASAP. Mix it in the water. If she is not eating, you need to get something into her. A feeding tube after so long doesn't sound like a bad idea. Rabbits get upset when they move. She may have GI Stasis, that upsets their stomachs and they no longer eat. If the doe was pregnant, the stress could have caused her to abort. If the woman you got them from didn't know the doe was pregnant when she gave/sold them to you, I wouldn't consider her a reliable source of information, to begin with.

I would contact that person again and get all the breeding information. If she is a true breeder, she should have all those records at the ready. My advice is to get that doe to the vet ASAP, or put her down if she goes any farther without eating. Next time you want to breed your does, have the buck brought to you.

-- Wendy Antes (phillips-anteswe@pendleton.usmc.mil), October 22, 2001.

I have a doe that her first pregnancy went over 40 days. I thought she had missed and put her in with the buck again. The next day she discharged 15 kits, only 3 born alive. I spoke with an experienced breeder about this, here is what I learned.

The kits were probably dead from not being delivered on time. The action with the buck stimulated the doe's uterus so that she started the birthing process.

She gets one more chance and if she has not delivered by day 32, I'm planning on putting her in with the buck. Hopefully, it will stimulate her to birth "on time"

Hope that helps.

-- D T Warburton (warking@cccomm.net), October 23, 2001.

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