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We are in a shortfall battle with Mortgage Express (Bradford & Bingley?) after they took over Bear Stearns Homeloans. They still will not supply a copy of the Mortgage Deed! ("are you disputing the validity of the document?" - well we don't know until we see it do we?). ME did not inform us that our home (their security) had been sold until some 5 months had passed by. We have questioned this and been told that they were a Bank at the time of the sale (Feb 2001). However their websites etc all seem to give the image that they are a Building Society. Does anyone have an answer to this one?

Also the site refers to the statutory instruments that "appear" to have required building societies and banks to notify us properly before they sold our property and afterwards. We have not been able to track down any definitive rules on the web regarding this and it would help at this moment in time.

-- Mike (, October 20, 2001


You need to read the Do's and Don'ts list in the Repossession section for tips on how to deal with the rubbish lenders come up with.

Many lenders' responses to requests for documents - including the mortgage deed response you received - are dealt with in the Do's and Don'ts page called: How lenders resist proving the debt - and how to respond, which is at:


-- Lee (, October 21, 2001.

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