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Hey there!

Got another one for you.... I seem to get a spot on my transfers. I am pretty sure it is from the little light flash burning into one spot of the polaroid. I was wondering if anyone has any solutions or if any one has taken apart their daylab... somehow make that light more even..

Thanks much


-- Scott Bilstad (, October 20, 2001


Putting your finger or thumb in the center of the film cartridge while loading your film can put a spot on your transfers too - all prints can be affected. Check the diagram on the foil wrapped around the film.

-- ljc (, October 28, 2001.

Your Daylab may have a light leak. Call the Polaroid tech hotline (800) 225-1618. There's a way to determine if your Daylab is leaking light. I think (if I'm recalling correctly) that you pull out a sheet of film withoug hitting the exposure button. If there's light splotches on the film, then you have a light leak. But check with a Polaroid tech for the exact method.

-- LRigge (, December 02, 2001.

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