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We are facede with an opportunity that seems perfect for our family...but it means a move to Montana. The only thing I know about Montana is it is called big sky country.

So if anyone is in Montana, or has been, can you share the pros and cons about homesteading there. things we need to know about are more garden/food growing related, and livestock. We know about our schooling choices. And job is covered.

Thanks, sarah

-- Sarah (, October 19, 2001


It depends on what part of Montana - eastern part can be quite cold and desolate, but I live in NW Montana and love it! We have a decent growing season,but do have early and late frosts so have to be watchful in Spring and late Summer, and sometimes have frosts in between! It can be a challenge at times, but so worth it for the quality of life. Livestock do well here but, again, it depends on where as to grazing, etc. What area are you looking at? Good luck to you, and keep us posted. Carla

-- Carla (, October 19, 2001.

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