Who have negotiated a 'small' amount?...How did they do it?

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Please advise me of who of you have been successful in settling for a small amount?....How did you do it? and how long did it take.



-- Gennie Blackman (gennie1234uk@yahoo.co.uk), October 19, 2001


They did it by using the suggestions on this site (and many of them then contributed to this site). You need to read the Repossession section in full to get the knowledgeg and "attitude" that brings people through.

But note that if you have a current mortgage, a mobile phone, credit or loans then your earnings and assets are visible to the people chasing you, so it is easier for them to assess whether it will be economic to actually take you to court.


-- Lee (repossession@home-repo.org), October 20, 2001.

Suggest you look at our web page


This provided useful information useful information.

IBAS has also been able to successfully publicise the issues as in the Daily Mirror of 27.9.2000 where an £88,000 debt with UCB was settled by IBAS for £1000 only. In the Daily Mirror dated 20.8.2000 in the article ‘Scared to Debt’ IBAS was able to help the Livesey family settle a debt with Birmingham Midshires of £105,269 for just £5000 after they had been threatened with repossession (for the second time) on the shortfall debt. IBAS not only settled the case but also settled it quickly at a realistic figure.

Our Mortgage Shortfall membership service takes pressure immediately off the individual and gives the IBAS member considerable backup and ‘clout’ in sorting out a serious and large-scale debt. Our membership charge is small for the peace of mind, which is achieved from our efforts.

Eddy Weatherill Chief Executive IBAS http://www.ibas.co.uk

-- Eddy Weatherill (eddy@ibas.co.uk), November 08, 2001.

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