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This is Terry from Sullivan. There are lots of old claypits here in Franklin County ,Missouri. Has anyone had any experience with using the clay for pottery. I would like to make pots and fire them in a wood kiln. Do I need a pug mill or something? I know at local museum they have bowls and pots made from clay in this area but there is not one around here that I know of who still does this.

-- Terry Lipe (, October 18, 2001


I have tried digging and processing my own clay. It's pretty hard work. You dig it, dry it, grind it,sift it to remove the roots and stones,add water and let it cure a bit.Then you can use it.also some native clays haven't got the right amount of sand to clay ratio.Your library might have books that would help you.I think one of the Foxfire series has some info.

-- VickiP. (, October 19, 2001.

Hi, In High School we made pottery from clay here in MO. I found this web site that seems to be the same way Hope it helps

-- Becky Shoffner (, January 25, 2002.

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