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It has probably been noticed that I am not posting a lot of stuff about the fearful things going on in our world lately. While I have no problem with the other boards that are doing this and feel strongly that they have their place, I feel that duplicating them here would be redundant. I also want to focus on what we can do. I firmly believe that homesteading can and will provide us some protection from the current state of affairs. I have stated on another board that I feel that the best way to protect ourselves is to live our lives as free people. While it is true that there maybe people out there trying to steal our freedom. Our freedom is not based upon them but is based upon us. True liberty starts within our homes and families. This is true whether it is the government or the Al Quaida(sp?) trying to steal our freedom. If anything the people in that plane that rose up and fought against the highjackers taught us that. Those people lived as free individuals to the very end. I ask all of you to consider that this is also what we should do. Those people and many others have given their very lives in order to insure that we can all live as free men. Let us not disappoint them. Their gift should not have been given in vain. A people can only be subjigated from within, never from without. This is true on the small scale and the large.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, October 18, 2001

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