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I think it is important that we ready our homesteads for the possibility that widespread anthrax will get into the livestock Population. Here is a link that helps explain: I also have some additional tips: 1) Time to get some male animals for breeding. Much disease exposure comes through either taking animals out to be bred or from actual bodily fluid transfer. 2) Time to create a neighborhood livestock watch. This will help all of you be prepared. 3) Buy your animals now for self-sufficiency later. When livestock is questionable is not the time to be out buying new stock. 4)When there are verifiable cases of anthrax near you make the livestock auction off limits. Hope this helps. Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit farm (, October 18, 2001


Little Bit, Thanks for the info. I am trying ot figure out if Chickens can get anthrax. I have some roosters that I was getting ready to get rid of , was wondering if this might be a good time to maybe keep ahold of them, what do you think.? thanks TRen

-- trendle (, October 23, 2001.

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