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After seeing my credit file from Equifax I found a search on there from a company called Wescot Credit Services. I thought searches on files could only be initiated after the permission of the person being searched was found.

The search was for XXX {my surname}. After calling Wescot they tell me the search is legal in this country.

Can anyone please confirm this? I should say, I'm not in hiding nor do I have anything to hide.

Thanks in advance.


-- Lee Jones (, October 17, 2001


We see conflicting views over whether unauthorised *searches* are legal or illegal. Not all searches are visible (at least allegedly) to other searchers. therefore, I've heard it claimed, these searches do not need to be authorised by the person who is the subject of the search.

If I get reliable info on this I will post it.

It is worth serving a SARN on Wescot. Here are links to copies of three documents they were holding about me in relation to a pre-sue report they had carried out for Bradford & Bingley Building Society:

Interesting reading.


-- Lee (, October 17, 2001.

Credit Searches are ONLY allowed if you have authorised them. I suggest you write to Westcot demanding they show you this proof (ie your signature) within 7 days. Copy this to Equifax.

If nothing is forthcoming, write to Equifax this time and demand that the searches are removed as you did not authorise them. If they refuse, then give them one more chance, pointing out that this is potentially libellous (people will assume you have applied for credit when, in fact, you haven't) - strong-arm tactics, but they do work (I know, it worked for me !).

-- Chris (, October 17, 2001.

A credit card company issued a credit check against me without authority in November 2000 and I discovered this in a SARN of Experian in March 2001. I had applied for a credit card facility over a year before from the credit card company but they had declined my application at that time.

This credit check by the credit card company was issued at a time that my mortgage lender were issuing multiple chedit checks, I felt that everybody was having a go at me and I suffered a bout of stress & depression for eight months.

I complained to the credit card chief exec and they withdrew the credit check from Experian.

I requested an assessment by the Information Commissioner.

The IC have come back with a final assessment report that this action by the credit card company was "Un-Fair". The credit card company stated that they did not know why the credit check was made, despite extensive investigation.

I have instructed my solicitor to submit a compensation claim to the magistrates court against the credit card company. Maximum amount of claim is 5,000 at the magistrates court.

Once this compensation claim is heard, and I am awarded compensation, there will be a president (at magistrate court level) regarding illegal credit checks.

I'll post full details when the case is concluded.

Good luck

-- anon (, November 21, 2001.

sorry but once again I suggest that the correct terminology be used . A credit search of someones file can only ne undertaken by a lender. A serch undertaken by Wetcott is a serach of public information ie electoral roll ccjs etc. There is nothing illegal about it and permission of the "target" is not needed.

-- who knows (, February 13, 2002.

You do talk a load of rubbish don't you.

I have seen many examples of private detectives, credit card companies, banks and even insurance companies issuing unauthorised credit searches. I personally know that one major credit reference agency offers a global scan facility of their database to identify targeted consumers, with no "footprint" being recorded of the search.

Forget using terms such as "Correct Terminology", start using terms such as "Gross violation of Consumer Rights". You need to get with the program.

-- anon (, February 13, 2002.

Anon is spot on. The invisible sweep is an old, old trick used extensively by those with the money to circumvent the rules. Who are you "Locates1st" anyway?

-- Too scared to say (, February 13, 2002.

I am involved in the credit industry Who knows, I know

-- i know (, February 14, 2002.

Dont give up the day job.

-- anon (, February 14, 2002.

I have worked for Wescot Credit Services based in Hull(East Yorkshire) and they are a pain in the arse.

When I checked my post today I came across a postcard and it states :

Dear Occuiper

Please could you ring me as soon as poss

Cheers Andy

(With a scottish number)

They answered the phone just by saying Hello...........

Wescot Credit Services asked for the names who live at the address, and the person they was looking for..

Should they really be giving peoples names out surley thats a breach of the Data Protection Act.

He also said that when companies like Wescot are looking for somebody they work with ROYAL MAIL, and the post offfice are giving details of everybody the deliver mail too.

-- Private (, November 18, 2002.

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