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my neighbor has 25 meat hens ready to be butchered and dressed, but his usual butcher retired, anyone suggest someone that does this in northwest Connecticut?

-- wayne miller (, October 17, 2001


I don't know what kind of homestead you have but why not get a few friends together and butcher them all at once. Wouldn't take long to do 25 chickens. My husband and I can do about 15 in a shor time... that's killing, skinning and cleaned and into the freezer in that time. Afterwards...make a big pot of sure don't want chicken to eat. Good Luck !!!

-- Helena (, October 17, 2001.

Helena's answer was great! We do a 'production line'. I catch the birds, holf them on the block, hubby does the chopping, then I hand it to one of the children, and so on. When all three children's hands are full, we start to dress and skinn the chickens. Once the first 2 are done, I go into the house and start to clean them up and ready them for the freezer. We did 7 ducks in 10 minutes. Once you get it down, it takes no time at all to do. It's cheaper to do it yourself, plus, if you grow an animal, it's only fitting to butcher it yourself. For those who get attached to thier animals, it allows for 'closure'.

-- Wendy Antes (, October 17, 2001.

Hi Wayne,

Why don't you ask around at the feed store or put an ad in the local paper. Feed store is a great place to get the local gossip.

-- Charleen in WNY (, October 17, 2001.

Hi, Wayne!

I'm also in NW CT, and the earlier suggestion of checking out the local feed store is excellent - a sign put up on the board will catch you a call or two, I'm certain. Up here in the NW part of the state there are many small farms and homesteads (yep, here in Connecticut!), and a well placed notice in the local Blue Seal or Agway should help out. Email me if you need some suggestions (Goshen, Sharon, etc.).

-- Judi (, October 17, 2001.

i recently had 14 chickens butchered...there are no commercial poultry houses that do butchering in the state of CT..i took mine to Antonelli's at Ferdeal Hill in Providence RI...the cost is $2.00 per chicken...they do a great job..they also do rabbits..ducks..turkeys and just about any bird..Iwentshopping in all the Italian markets on Federal Hill while my chickens were going to the big coop in the took less than an hour... Uconn has a "poultry kill" once a can have chickens and turkey's done and it is usually the week before Thanksgiving...but the head of the poultry dept at Uconn would like you to reserve your place in Feb prior to that year's poultry he knows how many birds he will be doing...the poultry club at Uconn does cannot get in unless you are on the reservation might be able to find a farmer or another homesteader in your area to do it...but the commercial machinery maakes for one nice finsher bird for your table...and $2.00 for a bird all bagged is not bad!

-- pam (, October 22, 2001.

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