UCB written to me at old address after 6 years, shall I send it back?

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Former marital home was repossesed 6 years ago, the first I knew ex had not been paying mortage was when I spotted it advertised in the paper as one of those notices that they had got the best price. Investigated further, there were no details available from the agent selling Halifax so complained to UCB that it had not told me about repossesssing the property and that the agent was under selling. They had to re-advertise it and did get about 7,000 more for it, but I still maintained they undersold it and demanded an investigation. All I got was a letter saying that it had been investigated and that it was all above board.

Had to argue that the whole debt was not mine, kept providing them with details of ex, which they didn't ever follow up. They had my address at my parents, which I have now moved back to temporarily, although I have changed my name as I've married again.

The last I heard from them was 6 years ago when I offered them 2,000 in full and final settlement or I said I would just declare myself bankrupt. I never heard any more, until now. We've applied for a new mortage through the Nationwide and I said no when asked about repossession (I panicked). I've got a letter addressed to me in my old married name, it's one of those letters where you fill in your earnings. I just want to send it back saying NOT KNOWN, but don't know how much of a coincidence this is. I wasn't aware that UCB were taken over by Nationwide, can they have traced me throug this?

I'm terrified now that I'm going to get accused of fraud with our new mortgage and am tempted to get in touch to offer them a final amount, but don't want to start the 6 years of again.

Any advice urgently required.

-- (white_ankle_sox@yahoo.co.uk), October 16, 2001


Found out today that someone has been trying to deliver a parcel for me in my old married name at my parents house - my father kept asking why they hadn't delivered it. I think this answers my question in that 1. it's a coincidence and not linked to my recent mortgage application and 2. as the 6 years are up they are trying desperately to make any kind of contact by any sneaky way. Of course I'm now paranoid about private detectives outside the house.....

-- (white_ankle_sox@yahoo.co.uk), October 17, 2001.

Be watchful but try not to get too paranoid :-)

I was stopped by a market researcher in the street yesterday and wanted to yell, "WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT? I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" Thankfully my husband (who was with me) is a great one for keeping things in perspective!!

(but erm, no we refused to tell them what brand of washing powder we use. grin)

-- (_Believer14@excite.co.uk), October 18, 2001.

On a serious note: I wouldn't contact them until they make it absolutely clear who they are and what they want. If they do this then you should serve an SARN on them straight away and follow the steps in 'Do's and Don'ts' under the repossession part of the website.

I can imagine how worrying it must be with the new mortgage you could well claim that you didn't admit to the repossession because it was so long ago that you were sure it was written off...which is probably what most of us thought anyway!

Be strong.

-- (_Believer14@excite.co.uk), October 18, 2001.

They have obviously found you once a credit check was made for your new mortgage application, and they WILL find you when you move...eventually. Is it too late to put in partners name only as they will do a CHARGE on property...change it now!!


-- Gennie Blackman (gennie1234uk@yahoo.co.uk), October 18, 2001.

Thanks for the moral support Believer, I will try not to get too paranoid! When I first moved away and changed my name I used to drive around roundabouts at least twice to see if anyone was following me!

Gennie, I am not so sure they have traced me, I just hope that if I get the letter sent back they can't say they've made contact, I'll be moved in a month, then however long it takes them to find me (if they do) the 6 years will be nearly 7, so I think I'm gonna risk it. I think they have just sent the letter to the only address they had. I'll keep you posted.

-- (white_ankle_sox@yahoo.co.uk), October 18, 2001.

I confess to having a little giggle at your roundabout episodes :-) It gets to us all in varying degrees.

Hang in there - keep an eye on this site and stay informed - it sounds to me as if you are in a strong position since you do have some money to settle but don't even think about settling until you've been through all the recommended steps on this site. You may find that they don't have much of a case against you...or by the time you've put them through their paces they may be more inclined to accept your settlement offer to get rid of you!

Keep a cool head - they rely on the fear factor. Just remember that they HAVE to make reasonable attempts to negotiate with you before taking you to court - so no need for immediate panic.

They must answer all your questions, and court really is the last place that they want to go.

-- (_Believer14@excite.co.uk), October 18, 2001.

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