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Found this one on a Greenspun sister forum. Loved it. 006hSI

-- Rheba (, October 15, 2001


Can you at least tell us what the site is about? I am tired of clicking onto these site just to find that its nothing I want to read or even associate with; as was requested some time back; hey! check this out: HHTP://'

-- mitch hearn (, October 15, 2001.

mitch; Are you crankin the ice cream again??? But I agree with you...thanks for the chuckle...

-- Jim-mi (, October 15, 2001.

This message "was probably deleted by the maintainer" as says the message shown when cut and pasted.

-- Ugh. (, October 15, 2001.


-- ~Rogo (, October 16, 2001.

Uh, Mitch...I said it was a sister forum on Greenspun, and that it was a joke.........what more do you want? I figured I'd about covered the necessities...

-- Rheba (, October 16, 2001.

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