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Is it necessary to use hardener after toning prints with sepia toner? The instructions say to use a hardener, but wondering if, like with fixer, it is optional. Will the print be less stable if hardener is not used?


-- Jim Rock (, October 15, 2001


No it is not necessary to use the hardner.

-- Jim (, October 15, 2001.


The only time it would be necessary to use a hardener would be if you have trouble with damaged print surfaces from abrasion or handling. Otherwise, its not necessary.

-- Ken Burns (, October 16, 2001.

Certain toners might swell and soften the paper's emulsion, making it more vulnerable to mechanical stress and potential damage due to scratches etc. That is the reason why you may find in some book the recommendation about using a hardener. I don't use any, and just pay attention not to damage my prints...

-- George Papantoniou (, October 17, 2001.

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