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I'm currently researching a study on the use of Gold leaf and paint in painting. I've come up with a few artists but their work is proving difficult to see first hand in the UK, for example, practically all Klimt's work using gold is in Vienna! Other than early religious icons/panel paintings, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Klimt; can anyone think of any other artists that might have work on display in England?

-- Aimee Mason (, October 15, 2001


I also am interested in artists using gold leaf in their paintings. I saw Klimt's work in Vienna. I learnt to gild and now try incorporating gold leaf in my paintings, with some success, but want to learn more. I believe Hunterwasser (German) used gold leaf but cannot find out much about him or his works. Please keep in touch

-- Patricia Hamilton-Brett (, January 27, 2002.

your mum

-- joey jo johnson (, April 24, 2003.

There are some artist's in the United State's, mainly Chicago and New York that use Gold Leaf in their artwork. I have also used it and have had great sucess with it. The only problem that have encountered was using the leaf and then sealing it before painting on it...DO NOT DO THIS! Wait until you have finished your work and then seal what is exposed.

~Alxander Ruppert

-- Alxadner Ruppert (, September 28, 2003.

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-- zhao biao (, October 10, 2003.

I use gold leaf and I love it. At first I experimented with different adhesives and sealants, but I am getting the best results using the traditional gold size, leaf and then varnish. This way the gold doesn't tarnish, and the surface is wonderfully slick to paint on. I have been using oils over the varnish with no far! I would love to know of and see more art work using gold leaf. Thanks.

-- Roshan Houshmand (, November 05, 2003.

Hi I'm an equine and animal artist using both composit and 23karat gold leaf in my paintings which I patinate with a mixture of chemicals to create an amazing effect. I paint primarily in oil paints over them but allso use spraypaints as well. I don't know of many artist using these techniques bar in Japan/China and India, but would be happy to show you the results I am getting.

-- Inge Manders (, November 29, 2003.

I also, am interested in the use of gold leaf in painting. I have been told that sealing with liquin is best. Any opinions on this?

-- kathleen Richards (, March 19, 2004.

Check out my site with paintings on gold leaf

-- Jeff Muhs (, March 21, 2004.

I use composition gold leaf in my canvas and board oil paintings and on watercolor paintings. I have successfully painted my paintings and then applied the leaf onto the surface where I wish the leaf to appear. That specific part of the painting has been prepared with red oxide acrylic paint. After that has dried I then apply the leafing adhesive. When all is dry, I spray with a good spray varnish over all the surfaces, gold leaf and paint.

-- carolyn lindsay (, May 14, 2004.

I am in posession of 3 paintings I purchased in the early 1970's in San Francisco, two on silver and one on gold leaf. The artist name is Les Parrish. He applied the leaf to masonite then used oils. The colors and highlights are as clear and brilliant today as they were in 1972! Has anyone heard of this artist, or where he may be found if he is still with us?

Charles Linn

-- Charles Linn (, June 06, 2004.

Hey, by the way, does any one know the best way to apply leaf to metal? Whats the best glue? I dont know any famous artists that use gold leaf, but Odilon Redon is the man.

-- Matticus (, December 01, 2004.

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