Has anyone used IBAS?

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Has anyone entrusted IBAS for help with thier case....has it helped?



-- Gennie (gennie1234uk@yahoo.co.uk), October 15, 2001


I gave you an answer to your other post (re: Debthelp).

Note that it probably would have been better to roll these two up into one post (ie Do Credit Management companies really work ?)


-- Chris (chrsh@hotmail.com), October 17, 2001.

I have approached IBAS and National Association of Mortgage Victims for help on behalf of one of my clients. Carol Riley of NAMV did more and with more passion! Contact details can be found on the free section of who helps on this site.

-- Richard Horsley (rhconsultancy@elink.co.uk), October 18, 2001.

IBAS is currently running at an 80% success rate of resolutions on mortgage shortfall cases and anyone who cares to visit http://www.ibas.co.uk/negotiation_service.htm will be able to view 7 case studies used in our last report on mortgage shortfalls. The cases used are all real people wishing to not only publicise the issue itself but also how IBAS was able to assist them individually in resolving their cases.

Whilst it is obviously possible to take on the lender by yourself the knowledge gained from a large number of different situations with the same lenders and their agents does help IBAS to push harder in certain cases than would be possible for individuals doing it for themselves. All cases are different and IBAS looks carefully at each one individually for areas, which we can use for the benefit of the customer, in lowering the debt and negotiating the case to a conclusion.

IBAS is not a credit management company, IBAS is a non-profit, truly independent, membership organisation. It does not receive funds from lenders in any way and neither does it receive percentage payments on any benefit passed onto the member once the successful resolution is achieved.

IBAS has also been able to successfully publicise the issues as in the Daily Mirror of 27.9.2000 where an £88,000 debt with UCB was settled by IBAS for £1000 only. In the Daily Mirror dated 20.8.2000 in the article ‘Scared to Debt’ IBAS was able to help the Livesey family settle a debt with Birmingham Midshires of £105,269 for just £5000 after they had been threatened with repossession (for the second time) on the shortfall debt. IBAS not only settled the case but also settled it quickly at a realistic figure.

Yes, we do charge a membership for taking on case-work. Our strength is in our independence from any lender, but, that also means we do not get 15% from them on any collections (as is the case with many advice agencies). All our work is funded from membership and donation. If we didn’t charge membership we couldn’t fund our work and then we couldn’t help anybody. We are successful at what we do and many families now live happily without any further worry from the brown envelopes, which had been dropping through their letter-box, or the unannounced visits from the debt collectors, or telephone calls morning and night from collection agencies.

Our Mortgage Shortfall membership service takes pressure immediately off the individual and gives the IBAS member considerable backup and ‘clout’ in sorting out a serious and large-scale debt. Our membership charge is small for the peace of mind, which is achieved from our efforts.

Eddy Weatherill Chief Executive IBAS http://www.ibas.co.uk

-- Eddy Weatherill (eddy@ibas.co.uk), November 08, 2001.

IBAS are cashing in on repossesees vulnerability. They charge £200 so they are hardly a philanthropic organisation. They will do nothing you cant easily do yourself. If you feel you need a mediator to negotiate then use the CAB they are free. I speak from experience, dont be sucked in by IBAS.

-- (mikem@dateldef.co.uk), November 26, 2001.

I would be wary of CAB they will only go so far and then leave it to you, they dont like conflict at their time of life. Also I am not to sure as to their level of expertes at this sort of a thing.

Jon S

-- Jon S (jks_uk2001@yahoo.co.uk), November 26, 2001.

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