why can't i get more food more easily

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what's up wid that?

-- chasimino (miss_c@cybergal.com), October 15, 2001


you fatties ar eatincyberg it all

-- chasimino (miss_c@cybergal.com), October 15, 2001.

I want more people to talk on this thread please.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 22, 2001.

Because I really sympathise with miss C, I can't get enough food either. Today I've eaten ninety three muffins, a hash brown, several quarts of birds blood, a vat of pink casserole and a bottle of 'Dad's Potato Wine', and I still feel like I could fit some more in.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 23, 2001.

I also had some gum, but it was sugar free.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 23, 2001.

Later on I'm having a tall glass of tepid tap water, crackers and a teaspoonful of cappuccino froth and I can guarantee I'll still be ravenous.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 23, 2001.

I also crave pistachios constantly.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 23, 2001.

Today I managed to get my hands on five water melons, a turkey sandwich, a bite of a pixie caramel and a pie.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 25, 2001.

I am eating pink powder. Yes it's really true!!!

-- maryann (tedium2000@hotmail.com), October 25, 2001.

That's true, everyone, I just had some too. To be more accurate though, the powder has been COMPRESSED into teeny tiny squiggles. POWDER SQUiGGLES!

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 25, 2001.

do you crave cock?

-- troll (troll@mail.com), October 27, 2001.

not yours.

-- rainy (isitagirl@hotmail.com), October 28, 2001.

You guys suck with your posts. Why don't you start a topic like: "Why can't we be original?" or "Why do we suck and why do boys rule?"

-- troll (troll@mail.com), October 29, 2001.

Oh now , what we done , this thread will not be delete , damned !! Oh , what the hell , it's not THAT important !!

Eat your own vomits , while you're puking , this saves us tons of wasted money !!

-- hell knows why !! (you can't@mail.me), August 15, 2002.

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