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First off, I am new to this sight thanks to Melissa. Thank you so much . I posted a question on the CS Forum and got some really nasty e-mails and no help. I am a single christian mother. I reciently sold everything I owned in town and moved to the country with my parents. They need the help around the farm and we needed the space and time. I opened a small daycare so I could stay home and homeschool my 5 year old son. The nearest town is 1/4 mile away and 110 people.Then there's where I used to live 7 miles away and 1000 people. Little people, little money and lots of good christian people.I need any and all ideas on saving and making money in romote country places. I do crafts,make our own clothes and have started with chickens,geese and rabbits. Grocery's is another spot I need ideas. I've canned most of our veggies and jelly's but meat is expensive. Thanks so much. I've read through several questions and answers and feel at home. Thanks Melissa who ever you are!

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, October 14, 2001


Micheale, for several years now I have been going to the local flea markets on the weekend with baked good such as pies, cakes, bread, cookies and crafts. It usually around here will only cost me $6 to set up in the both but once people know what your goods taste like then they keep coming back. We also take with us a few chickens, and what ever else that may be ready for market. Rabbits at Easter are a big hit. We have 6 does and 1 buck and at $8.00 a bunny that really helps. We hatch alot of chicks also that time of year, I can usually get $2.00 for two week old's sometimes even more if there is not alot of people selling that weekend. I also sell eggs, rabbits, ducks here at the house, If I put up a sign at the end of the driveway what ever I have for sale usually only stays about a week. So if your in the counrty there is alot of things you can do to make money.

-- tracy emily in TN (, October 15, 2001.

I don't know how you are about bees, but homegrown honey seems to be rare and expensive. My mom does quilts for people she knows. Some of her friends sell stuff in consignment shops, but she gets enough business just through word of mouth. One of her friends can get $15 for a quilted baby's bib; my mom sold a quilted Christmas tree skirt for $300. And those were the "cheater" kind, not patchwork. They are less work but you can get more for them because they are more interesting to look at. Your poultry can give you meat; perhaps you might also consider raising a beef steer every year or so. My mom budgeted her grocery money, carefully saving every extra nickel and dime; by the end of a year's time, she had enough to buy half a cow. She brought the meat home and we wrapped it in meal size portions herself. The baked goods idea is also good.

A bit of advice: before you start making stuff (especially crafts) check around to see what's selling, and for how much. Also ask what people would be willing to buy and what they'd be willing to pay. If you are within an hour's drive of major touristy places, you could sometimes sell stuff under the label "local crafts".

-- Cathy N. (, October 15, 2001.

I just thought of something else. Since you're doing poultry anyway, why not get the chickens that lay colored eggs? They are a big hit at Easter, also.

-- Cathy N. (, October 15, 2001.

Welcome Micheale!! Glad you found us. I stared this forum about 2 weeks ago, so we are young yet! Please read the welcome and guidelines if you haven't yet. It kind of explains everything. I hope you find lots of good answers and help here. I think it is great you are helping your parents and I'm sure they appreciate your help. Not many years ago I think it was common for families to reach out to each other in this way.

On the money making front, while you do need to make some money, sometimes it is better to think of ways not to spend any. It sounds like you are well on your way to doing this. Are there a lot of elderly people in your area? Sometimes they need help cleaning, odd jobs outside, meals brought in (could package meals for freezer that they can heat up) Not only will this bring in some extra income, but can really help these people out. Oftem their children are happy to pay for these services if they live far away or work full-time.

For groceries tips see the other thread running on this board right now.

-- Melissa (, October 15, 2001.

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