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Hi...does anyone know of a not too expensive uv contact print light (8x10) for platinum/palladium prints? Been thinking of doing this for years...finally ready to take the jump! Thanks, Emile

-- Emile de Leon (knightpeople@msn.com), October 13, 2001


Emile... platinum printing requires a very intense light. If you are just beginning in the process I think you would do well to look at the website at www.platinumphotographer.com/plat.html

Best wishes -Dave

-- Dave Richhart (pritprat@erinet.com), October 14, 2001.

Edwards Engineering has a manufactured model you can purchase. Ditto for the Palladio Company. Instructions for do it yourself light sources are fairly easy to come by. (Don't have my sources for this type of plan, but I bet some other posters will jump in with the correct information.) So, if you are handy with tools, then you could build your own. Just make sure you get the proper UV light bulbs.

Good luck with the platinum printing, and if you have any other questions, you can post on the alternative process forum at photo.net.

-- Joe Lipka (JoeLipka@cs.com), October 14, 2001.

I was told someone uses a facial tanning unit quite successfully. I've not tried it though.


-- Aaron (ngaaron@singnet.com.sg), October 15, 2001.

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