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I don't like the slow-pokey formats like TB2000.

-- Lars (, October 13, 2001


For Pete's sake, OUR age, slow-pokey is about all we can catch.

-- Anita (, October 13, 2001.

TB2K (current incarnation) is so slow because the server is being hammered. I have a new Sun Netra server lined up, and as soon as I get all the software installed, there should be a great increase in load speed. FWIW, the slowdown is because of the "war", and the fact that we now have 250 more members than a month ago.

-- Dennis Olson (, October 13, 2001.

While you're here, Dennis, I want you to know that I can't respond to E-mails sent to my main account. Outlook Express mods have sucked my storage until it's almost nonexistent, and it seems I need another to respond. [ their dreams.] I only use the Hotmail account now, but I don't have a directory established there yet. I just try to tell folks to E me there as occurrences arise. [I felt bad not having responded to your E, but I'm too lazy to try and recreate my old directory on hotmail.]

-- Anita (, October 13, 2001.

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